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I am waiting for her to wake up. Boys had me up since 5.45 but she is still snoozing!

Andrew is away in the States on business so its just me and the little ones. Chris is here but we won't see him before midday (teenagers and their sleep eh?)

I always get emotional on birthdays as I look back and reflect on their life so far. Also, you can't help but think back to the moment they were born. I can't look back on that day with total joy as it was so scarey when we thought we were losing her.

I just remember when they had stablised her and eventually I got to hold her (she was about 4 hours old). she just looked at me and I fell in love there and then.

Oh, sounds like missy waking up, best go and start her day!!!!!!!!!!

d xxx


  • It wasn't her.... typical! she wakes at the crack of dawn EVERY day and now, when I want her awake she sleeps late...grrrrrrrrrrr
  • happy birthday Amelia!! hope you have a magical second birthday!! xx
    Hope you have a fabulous day & you, mummy & your brothers have great fun!

    Can't believe she is 2, I remember when you posted your birth story it was so wonderful hearing everything was OK after all the complications that had gone on.

    Have a great day!
    Lauren & Ellie xxxxxx
  • Happy Birthday Ameila xx
  • thanks all

    here is a pic lara.. most have seen it on facebook but for those who havent here we are

  • aww she is gorgeous!!!! she looks so little and girly! bless.
    that cake is fab too by the way! i still cant decide what to do for freya.

    hope that she has had a lovely day. xx
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Amelia! Hope you all had a lovely day xxx
  • She looks fab... and a lovely cake there

    Hope you all had a lovely day

  • Sorry I'm a day late! Happy Birthday Amelia! What a lovely photo. Gorgeous dress and I love her cake too.

    Yes it's funny to think back to their births isn't it? You were so worried with the pre-eclampsia and the difficult birth.

    I remember texting you from my hospital bed a couple of weeks later - marvelling at the fact that I'd given birth to the most gorgeous little man in the world. Happy days x
  • I know Jo, I was thinking of you as you were my bump buddie and the one I texted to let the girls on here know all was fine. It was placenta previa I had not pre eclampsia. The placenta was lodged in the birth canal totally blocking the way out. I started to heamorrage at home and delivered her by EMCS at 35 weeks.
    I remember getting your text and you really did sound so happy and proud of your little man. Just think, not long till you do it all again!!!!

    d x
  • Oops! Sorry Dee - getting my p's confused with the placenta previa and pre-eclampsia!! You poor thing with the all the bleeding and worry that you went through. It must have been so scary. So glad the two of you got good care and everything turned out so well in the end x
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