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Samuel had suspected swine flu!

Hi girls,

Just wanted to fill you in on my scary weekend. Samuel got a really nasty virus last Friday which the docs reckon was probably swine flu. They gave him Tamiflu but it was making him sick and he was scraping his tongue and making himself sick (ridiculous behaviour for a toddler, I know) so we were advised to stop it.

He was really ill for only about 2 days but he was absolutely boiling which was v. scary and quite traumatic. His temp was over 39 and he spewed blood as well at one point.

Anyway, he made a really rapid recovery on the Sat night and just has the remnants of a cold now. He has nasty nappies and will barely eat but he's drinking plenty so I'm trying to stay chilled about the food thing. Hard though. I just wish he'd bloody eat something!

I also got a vicious vomitting bug which was evil although I've lost about 3 lbs which is the only bonus!

I've been pretty up and down since the mc a month ago, and DH and I have been much more protective over Samuel since then. I suppose it's a deep routed fear that we'll lose all our babies as I've had 3 pgs now but only one healthy baby. This nasty illness was the last thing we needed in the our current state of mind, but (touch wood) he seems to have a strong constitution and tough immune system.

Oh I hope the rest of winter is kinder to us!

J x


  • Sounds like you've had a really rough time. Big hugs and I hope you all feel better soon xxx
  • Oh no, poor Sam and poor you!

    I hope you are all on the mend and feeling much better in lots of ways, very soon

    d xxx
  • Hugs Jo, hope you're all feeling better soon.
  • Poor Samuel - hope he's feeling a little better & that you are too. I ended up taking Olivia to A&E on Friday evening as her temperature was up to 39 aswell. She's getting over hers too but although it's possible it was a flu type illness the doc thought she was too late for Tamiflu and wrote us out a script for an ear infection.

    Can't imagine what you're going through but hoping that 2010 is a better year for you xx
  • Thanks everyone. Your words are comforting as ever.

    Claire - so sorry Olivia has been under the weather too.

    Samuel is fine now although barely eating and throwing some major strops. I can't work out what the triggers are as he's great one minute and banging his hands and feets on the floor the next.

    Good to see him so lively again in some respects anyway! x x x
  • oh no sounds like you have really been through it! poor little samual, but glad thats he is on the mend now.
    we have all had some horrible flu type thing too, freya was quite bad last night i almost took her to a & e at one point because her braething sounded so bad, which wsa scarey! but she seems alot better day so fingers crossed she is over the worst of it. xx
  • Oh no - poor Freya! I hope she's over the worst of it. Our really scary night was horrible too. It's such hard work on you when they're ill too. J x
  • amelias turn now. Think it is Rotavirus. She is vmoiting, runs, hi temp and very listless. The dr said she has all symptons for SF and Rotavirus. He said to keep close eye on her and see what happens. Her breathing is fine but her tongue is white and her glands are up.
    Always a worry when our lo's are ill. bless them

    d xxx
  • Ditto! I'm sorry Lara and Dee to read about Chloe and Amelia. I haven't even heard of Rotavirus.

    Dee - it's prob the last thing you need at the mo after the recent meltdowns. It is so exhausting when they're ill isn't it?. Such a worry too.

    Hope you're all hanging in there and your LOs get better soon. Poor lambs x x x
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