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Yep....its that time of year again.

I am sat here a bit sad as when i think to last year we were all 20 to 30 weeks pregnant and though we were moaning about been Xmas!!! we all had the excitement of meeting our little ones! cannot beleive some of us will be seeing our little ones turn one very soon. Where has the time gone???? I remember sat at the computer rubbing my bump and writing on here!!!! Cannot beleive a whole year has passed.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy 2009! I know this year has brought so many highs and lows for all of us but one thing is for brought us all our lovely babies so it cant have been that bad!!!

Love to all

denise x

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  • nice post Dee image

    This year indeed took us around through highs and lows with our babies but not to forget That through all this, it has brought us MAR08 mums closer to each other image

    Merry Chismas and a very happy new year to you all

    Bubbly and Bubble
  • Hey all,

    This year has certainly had a lot of highs & lows for me. I was brought Ellie then everything that came with her & it wasn't always entirely pleasant!

    I am looking to 2009 with a positive outlook & attitude & I am determined that Ellie & I will have our own home, I will learn how to drive & maybe meet a new man! I am going to widen my circle of friends & try to get out of the house more & vary my life a bit as at the moment I feel stuck in a rut with everything image.
    I would also like to do a college course in september that will bring me into University in 2010.

    All very hopeful & positive!

    I hope that every one of us has a great Christmas & prosperous start & continuation into 2009 & that it brings us lots of joy & happiness.

    Merry Christmas & A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!
    Lauren xxxxx
  • I feel very lucky to have you lot to chat to . Like B and B said....a whole year has brought us all closer together.!!! Go Girl... start the year as you mean to go on!!!!!!!!

    d xxxxxxxxx
  • What a lovely post :\)

    I was a bit of a reader when i first joined and didn't really start posting until after i had Olivia but i'm so glad i got chatting with you ladies. Even though Olivia is my second it's amazing how much advice you still need (& sometimes can give) and being able to share the ups and downs with such a friendly bunch of girls.

    Overall i feel pretty lucky that i've had more ups than downs but being able to ask for advice when Olivia had her little night boots for post-positional talipes was such a relief. Also the advice i received whilst breastfeeding was totally invaluable and i honestly believe that without the advice of you ladies i would never have made it to 7 months exclusively BF so thank you so much.

    I really cannot believe where this year has gone and it makes me a little sad to think that this time last year I was off to my 4D scan in the morning and preparing to meet my little baby and having the rest of the year off work. Now i'm preparing to go back to work in a few weeks and my little baby is turning into a toddler. Where has the time gone?!

    Wishing you all a wonderful 1st Christmas with your LO's and a happy, healthy 2009!

    Claire xxx
  • ahhh such lovely words Claire and Lara. I welled up reading them. though Amelia is my 5th it still fills me with awe and wonder to see how much they come on.

    Amelia will be one of the first (with Sam) to turn one since she was really born in Feb. How quickly will 26th Feb come round? Lauren will be 18 2 days before Amelia is about a momentous month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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