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Question about daytime sleeping

Hi guys,

Samuel has one long nap in the day. I feel really lucky as he sleeps for anything between 2 - 3 hours and sometimes more (bliss!).

I'm starting to think this might be a bit long and that maybe he won't go to bed at 7.30pm, so I've started waking him by 3pm if he hasn't woken up. I feel a bit mean waking him as I've never had to do this in the past but 2 1/2 hours seems more than enough to me. He's still sleeping well at night (7.30pm - 7am or later).

How long do your LOs sleep for? Do you think his nightime sleeping will go to pot if I let him sleep for too long in the day?

When he's in nursery (2 days a week) he only sleeps for abot 45 mins but I think that's because it's noisy.

Jo x


  • JO

    Sorry can't help with sleeping as that is one of the things that is a mystery to my little one!! Twenty months on she still has no routine with sleep. A two or three hour day time nap does sound bliss!! With DD1 she was a fantatstic sleeper and used to have a two hour nap most afternoons, we noticed with her that bed time slowly got pushed further and further back so in the end she wasn't going to bed till 9.30pm or later so we ended up dropping the afternoon nap at about the age our little ones are at now and bedtime went back to 7pm and she continued to sleep through, some days were a nightmare as she would be really tired at tea time but this only lasted till she was about two and then she coped fine (However I think she would love the chance for an afternoon nap now as she is so tired with school, riding, playing, Rainbows and all the other things five year olds do!!). Not much help but thought would share my experience.


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  • Amelia has about 2 hours day time nap and sleeps from 7 till 6.30 (waking a good few times for naughty snuggles and breast feeds)
    I think anything over 2 hours at this age would interfere with their night time naps.

    I am just about to go and put amelia down for her nap so I can get some house work done if the 2 boys let me. Andrew and chris have gone to Qatar to see England play Brazil in a World Cup warm up. Lucky things!!!!!!

    d xxx
  • Thanks guys. It's really good to hear your LOs patterns and routines. Wow Lara - Chloe is a true sleep lover!

    I've never been a fan of waking a sleeping baby as I've followed Samuel's cues to get him into the routine he's in. I'm also so chuffed that after being an appalling sleeper in the early months, he's really good at night now and tends to sleep through for 12 hours. I am so grateful for this as I've been there and got the T-shirt with nightmarish sleep deprivation.

    In the last couple of days, I have now started waking him after 2 1/2 hours sleep in the day if he's still snoozing and he doesn't seem to mind me bringing him round by opening the blinds - even though I feel a bit mean! x
  • Wow, I cant believe how much Chloe sleeps!!!! haha.

    Aimee has anything from no nap, to 2 hours in the day. I just go off what she wants. If weve been swimming or to play centre she will nap, if were on a shopping day she usually doesnt (too nosey!!)

    She does like her sleep at night tho, so I dont mind in the day. Aimees bed time is now 8.30pm, (her Daddy doesnt get in til 8pm each night so she wouldnt see him in the week otherwise) but sleeps until after 9 everyday. Today it was 10.20!! Good lie ins xx
  • Morning,

    Missy moo will have anything up to 3 hours in a morning or an afternoon. If it is afternoon then I have to wake her before 3 to collect big bro from school. She then goes to bed at half 6 and sleeps through til 7.30 during the week when I wake her or anything upto 9ish at weekends. If only we could get number one son doing the same at weekend.................I miss lie ins lol!!
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