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Potty Training ?

Sorry really don't get the chance to get on much now with work and trying to spend quality time with lo. I do pop on now and again to see how everyone is getting on, hope all is well with you and munchkins. See a few on FB though - helloo !!

Question: potty training.... anyone started yet? Lexi (21mths) has been dry in the morning for the past few weeks now and this morning when coming down for brekkie was shouting peepee, peepee! Not really showing too much interest in potty atm but pretends making peeing noisey etc. Anyhoo ran it past my friend (who has 5 munchkins) and she said to stop using night time nappies now just a pampers mat as she sounds ready and this will help with daytime potty training....... and words of wisdom please?

Thanks in advance, take care x


  • we have started with potty training but very slowly i let him run around without his nappy on for a bit with potty close at hand. we have had a couple of successes but dont want to rush him as he isnt aware of when he goes to the toilet. she does sound more ready than Sam. not sure how much this is true but apparently experts say not to bother with pull up nappies as it takes longer to potty train apprently. hope that helps a bit
  • Thanks for posting, yeah it does help! Not going to do the oull ups as heard the same as you. I think we are gonna go for it when me and OH both of for two weeks over crimbo, have peppa pants already and gonna invest in a little pink toilet seat and step as thining about it it's the potty she does not like. Will keep you posted as we are all gonna be doing it soon enough eh, like wise any tips please, let us know, maybe new pants will be on the present list for their 2nd birthdays - WOW how did that happen eh? x
  • Dee recommended the Gina Ford PT book which I read and it was really good and sounds like real common sense. Although, she says to crack the days long before even thinking about nights. She believes most children aren't ready to be dry at night until much older, although I know exceptions to this and maybe Lexi is one of them. I guess they're all different!

    Maybe invest in more than one potty so you can jump in quickly with potential accidents.

    Samuel has developed a terrible habit lately of wanting to stand up like a bloke and wee on the floor after I've taken his nappy off! I keeo telling him "in your nappy or in your potty darling - not on the floor!" but it doesn't work. I can tell he's about to do it as he concentrates and stares at his willy so I usually scoop in with a towel or clothes before the damage is done.

    I don't tihnk Samuel will be late being PT as he's showing some signs already, but I think I'm holding off until he turns 2 the very at least. I prefer the idea of PT in the wamer months if poss, but some babies are ready much younger. I know an older toddler girl who was PT at 18 months, and girls can often communicate better, so that might make it easier too. Then again, I know another 3 year old girl who can't get to grips with PT at all. They're all different I guess!

    J x
  • Tee hee.... Dogstar - when I complained to a friend of mine about nappy changing when Samuel was little, she made this very point. She said "just wait until you have to tell your son how amazing it is that he's done a poo in his potty when you're trying to much on your branflakes in the morning." Gross!!

    Lara - MILs can be a pain sometimes. Mine used to go on about how my hubby and his bro slept through from day 1, and how she always wanted her children really close together (which I clearly couldn't have done with the sleep deprivation and PND in the early months). Talk about putting the pressure on. I think they just have selective memories!

    J x
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