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Big Day

well yesterday i stopped bfing and Sam took formula without any problems. before this he just screamed when i tried to give him any.

just to make it even more momentous Sam started crawling!! and he stood up by himself. its all very exciting lol


  • well done Sam! keep makin mama proud of you!
  • wow...a lot in one day!!!!!

    I take it his cast is off then and he is all cured??? I think you are so brave to go cold turkey!! What are you going to do about the pain when your breasts fill up. I warn you now it is agonising. I am going to get some tablets to dry my milk up quickly as otherwise its worse than child birth.
    Which formula is he on??? I just dont get time to sort out bottle feeding. I must though as I want my boobs back!!!! OH is a boob man and I know he is missing!!!

    If he crawled and stood in one day then I think he will be off before long. Can you beleive they will be 10 months on boxindg day!!!
  • yep i feel the pain it is agony. they wont give you tablets here not sure why. im just taking paracetomol. as long as no one touches them its not too bad.
    he is on cow and gate follow on milk and seems to like it so he is obviously more ready now.

    he has his harness off but i am still waiting for a final check up. from the last scan it showed that the joint was still shallow but is now formed into a proper joint so should fix itself as he grows

    my oh is also a boob man and he nearly got decked when he squeezed my boobs last night
  • Awh well done sam & well done you for going cold turkey!
    I took epsom salts after ellie was born to disperse the milk, horrible tasting things but they seemed to do the trick...can't imagine the pain your in after bfing for so long! hope all is better soon xxx
  • Nice one Chris and Sam! You could always express a bit and run your supply down if it gets too painful.

    I went to London yesterday (on my own) to visit friends. Had a fab day. Anyway I only BF once before I left and guess what happened this morning??? My first AF in 18 months! Must say, I haven't missed them.
  • Well done Sam & well done Chris for BF for so long!

    He'll be off before you know it! :\) x
  • one advantage of stopping is that i would like to try for another but so far havnt seen any sign of af.

    my boobs have started going down now and are no where near as painful.
    my work are terrible in the fact that there is no where i could have gone to express and we have really short breaks so i would not have had time either. i have loved bfing and had a twinge of sadness looking at the bfing forum. my hv keeps asking me to be a bf councillor so might take them up on it
  • Sam has just walked across the room with his baby walker woop
  • ahhhh.....thats it now..up and away!! Must be a relief for you though to see him walking!

    boobs...ow!!!! ow and ow!!!

    AF.what??? I been having them since she was about 2 months old...gutted!!!!!

  • my last af was april 2007 as i missed a month. it will be strange to have them back.

    boobs are ok now after three days they started to go down still milky but not like footballs now

    its great to see him walking wont be long before hes off on his own
  • yay well done sam you'll have to have eyes in the back of your head now.
    glad that your boobs are ok now, they dont take long to go down, when i sopped feedng phoebe i could still squeez milk out for about a year and a half after!

    Frea is walking round the furnature she is so staedy now i dont think that it willbe long before she is off on her own. x
  • Can't believe he's walking! Well done Sam!
    He's very clever image

    Glad your boobs are starting to return to normal image xx
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