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first night in a big bed!!! eeeeek!!!

well i hope so any way, we havent actualy put it together yet! im waiting for graham to get home from work for him to help me. i have emptied every thing out of the girls room so that we have plenty of room to do it, it amazing just how much stuff they have in there little room!!

any way fingers crossed that she is ok, i can just imagen her being a nightmare!

oh well phoebe will be excited when she gets back from her friends house to see that they have bunkbeds.

wish me luck. xxxxx :lol:


  • how did it go??? We are nowhere near comtempating Amelia in her bed. She has not (touch wood) made any attempt to climb out her cot. She did climb and then fall out of the travel cot when we were home at Xmas but her cot is quite high for her to climb. I usually try to wait till they are about 3! meanie I know!

    Hope Freya settled well.

    d xx
  • Thanks girls!
    im really suprised how well things have gone! especialy as her and phoebe share a room and have tiny things like sylvainiums in there. but (touch wood) she has been going to bed without much fuss and sleeping all night. She loves it and keeps telling every one about her new bed!
    Although the second night she had a sickness bug and threw up all over her new covers!!! nice!

    Phoebe thinks that its is fantastic to be on the top bunk so i have 2 happy little girls. xxxx

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  • that is wonderful news. maybe I will think about it sooner rather than later.

    Can i just ask what you do about the bunk bed ladders??? I am thinking of getting some but worried about Amelia climbing up and falling off.

    d x
  • I was worried about that too, ours have fixed ladders so you cant take them away, not that i would any way as i would be too worried about phoebe trying to get out at night and falling.

    At the moment its not a problem as the bottom rung luckily is quite high and freyas legs are too short to reach, lol. im hoping that by the time she is tall enough the novelty has worn off and she wont try or she is old enough to do it safely. we will see. xxxxxxx
  • Hey I'm so glad it went well Flickaty!

    Dee - I'm also so glad you said you wait til they're nearly 3. Samuel is really happy in his cotbed so I can't really see the benefit of us changing things yet either. Plus his bedroom is at the back of our terraced home and ours is at the front. We have two lots of small steps up and down between our bedrooms and I don't fancy him trying to navigate that in the night IN HIS SLEEPING BAG!!! Would be a disaster I'm sure.

    We'll probably move him into the bigger bedroom next to us this time next year when the new bubba is a few months old.

    Oh - 12 week scan went well!! We're delighted image
  • so pleased that your scan went well makka pakka!!! xxx
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