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Olivia's Latest Studio Pics!

Hey girls,

Just wanted to share Olivia's latest studio pics as i'm really pleased with them!

That's a pic of pic hence the shine from the flash - couldn't be bothered to set the scanner up! x


  • They are just devine... she looks so much older than Amelia. I love her eyes and hair.
    Amelia had some done so I must get mine set up. I only have very small sample shots at moment until I sit down and chose the ones I want for print. I love them all ...thats the problem!!!

  • aww such a cutie. they are lovely pics
  • beautiful pictures.... she looks gorgeous as usual image
  • Awkkkkk I want her hair!
    She is adorable such a happy looking baby!!
    Pictures are gorgeous really nicely done xx
  • Super cute! I love them.

  • She's beautiful! She has such amazing hair. Have you been tempted to go for a haircut yet? I think I'll go for a professional chop with Samuel soon. I did a Mum cut cos his fringe was going in his eyes and it's a bit wonky now. Oops!
  • Thank you for your lovely replies ladies.

    Jo - she actually had her 3rd haircut a week after this shoot. I was so annoyed as her fringe didn't seem that bad when we went but when i saw the pics it looks awful. Bad mummy image xx I've never attempted a mummy cut on her cos i'm useless. My cousin works for Toni & Guy which is handy so she always does it for me x

    Dee - Make sure you get Amelia's up asap. I love looking at baby pics! x
  • awww she is gorgeous. she has lovely hair. xx
  • ah she is a pretty little thing!! makes me wanna take Mia for some more photos. x
  • Her hair is so long bless her! Jay only has little bit of hair and as its so light it still dont look like much! she is gorgeous, proper little poser!
    charlie x
  • OMG, She is sooo beautiful. Where did you have them done? I wish Bella would grow some hair! At the moment she has 2 curls that flick out behind her ears!
  • Giggling at the boy comment Lara - I took Evie out the other day, dressed head to toe in pink (after 3 years of boy clothes it has to be done!!!!) and some muppet said she was a gorgeous little BOY!!!! Durrrrrrrrr, they still didn't look convinced when I corrected them. Maybe they thought I was delusional!
  • You girls made me lol! :lol: Believe it or not i took Olivia to a Monkey Music class with my other daughter the other day in a pair of denim dungerees and a pink top and socks and some stupid woman called her a boy! I nearly lamped her one :lol: I mean it's annoying when they're newborn and people get confused (despite being in pink!) but when they're nearly 10 months old it's just damn right rude! :lol:

    We had hers done at a local studio and the photographer set up the poses and just snapped away. She's very photogenic though bless her. Point the camera at her and she really plays up to it. In fact we've just bought her a parent facing pram and i was walking along with her whilst trying to send a text. Hubby pointed out that she beaming away at me obviously thinking that i was taking her picture with my phone! Felt a bit bad after!

    My first daughter didn't have a lot of hair though. She did when she was born but it all feel out within a few months apart from a strip around the back that made her look like a monk. :lol: x
  • They are soooo cute. I have had my hair cut almost like Olivias!!!!

    I get sick of people saying is it a boy or girl. Now firstly IT....I hate IT!!! secondly she is always in girly pink. Always....

    she has hair but its so fair you cant see it. She is starting to look freakishly bald though. I looked at pics of Joseph at her age and he had the same amount but by his 1st birthday he had a full head...cant remember it growing that much but it must have.

    OH in bed this morning with hang over of doom and I downstairs with 3 little ones on my own. I am in a state and wondering if 8.58 is far too early to have wine on my cornflakes...

    d xxx
  • might be a bit early dee dee but you could probably get away with wine soup for lunch? lol.

    Jay wasn't very intrested in his pics this time but the photographer and myself just kept calling him to get him to look at us (which most of the time he ignored!)or holding a musical toy (which then he crawls over to get) so i really don't know how we managed to get any good ones of him sitting up! Alot of them are of him crawling though to be honest as he just wouldn't sit still!

    charlie x
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