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Blood in Samuel's urine - UPDATE

I've posted this in Toddler too. I'm hoping it will get a bigger audience there. Any advice much appreciated!!

Hi everyone,

For the last couple of weeks my DS (who turns 2 next month) sometimes has a tiny spot of blood in his urine. It's a very tiny amount that we can only just about make out in his nappy.

One of the staff at his nursery noticed it first, but she caught him actually going for a wee during a nappy change and a bit of blood came out.

GP tested his urine about 10 days ago but it was clear. They're doing it again at the moment because the problem hasn't gone away but I've got a horrible feeling it's going to come back clear again.

I don't think he's been quite right since having his swine flu jab. The problem also seems to be worse if we give him baby nurofen (he's had a cough and cold lately).

Sometimes he grabs his willy or tummy and says "pain" but then carries on and forgets about it.

He's def not 100% at the mo but is playing and getting on with things just fine. Eating fairly well and sleeping pretty well although he's very clingy for me right now. That could just be the cough though or teething (back molars maybe?)

I wish someone could shed some light on this! I hate the though of my darling being in pain and not being treated for it.

Has anyone else experienced blood in urine problems and struggled with a diagnosis??

Please help!


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  • Don't have any advice as all I would think to do is check for infection which the doc is obviously doing anyway. He doesn't have an overly tight foreskin that hes pulling back or anything? I know Lucas' hasnt separated fully yet (when does that happen anyway). Let us know how you get on.
  • Hi, this must be really worrying for you. If I were you i'd take him back to the GP and explain again especially mention about the neurofen, because I know its a great pain killer and anti pyretic but i personally never use it. I know some mums swear by it but it has side effects that don't affect many kids but they do affect some.

    I hope you get it sorted soon xx
  • Did the blood DEF come out with the wee? I just wonder as Charlie needed his foreskin cutting as when he wee'd it would bleed a little as it was too tight?

    However, if it came out with the wee then its prob an infection. If it comes back clear then push for a further test like an ultrasound or a kidney function test?


    d xxx
  • it sounds like it would be an infection to me, but if has been tested and is clear then i dont know?
    i would take him back again to be on the safe side. xx
  • No experience on this i'm afraid but didn't want to R&R!

    Hope it all gets sorted and push for further investigation if you're not happy!

    Thinking of you x
  • Thanks all - really useful.

    We're back into doc again on Thur. He had a spot of brownish blood on Sat am but nothing since then. He seems happy in himself again.

    Dee - REALLY good point about the foreskin thing. We wondered this ourselves but I haven't got a clue about boy's plumbing! I'll ask the doc about this too and see about further tests or a scan.

    Hmmmm.... the mind boggles x
  • Our doc asked us to checks SAMs when he had an infection. They said to just gently pull the fourskin back until you can see the end of the penis. You should be able to move it easily and it shouldn't feel tight.
  • Well we went back to the GP. They found traces of blood in his wee and although there was no growth of infection on the cultures, there were some white blood cells or platelets in his wee which can be a sign of infection.

    So, the Dr has referred us to a paediatrician and to the radiologist for a US scan. He's also prescribed anti-biotics for a week in case of a milk infection and some thrush medicine as the ABs tend to give him thrush in his mouth. We need to provide another wee sample end of next week after the ABs are finished - another stressful, mission impossible task!

    I'm sure it's nothing serious as he's been a happy chappy this week, but I just really hope they work out what it is.

    After 5 days of no blood, we had another big spot of blood yesterday evening. Hmm....

    Poor little darling!

  • poor samuel, at least they are checking him out propperly.
    as you say if he is alright in him self it probably isnt any thing serious .

    hope all turns out ok. xxx
  • Hope that Samuel is OK soon and the drs find out a cause. Good to hear he is not to bad in himself. Glad to hear everything went ok with your scan.


    Sleepy x
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