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accents and local dialects

i was just wondering if when little ones learn to talk do they talk with an accent straight away or doesnt that come later. we live in somerset but neither me or graham were born here so we dont really have accents in particular. Phoebe doesnt either but the ocasional thing she says comes out really somerset, which is quite funny as she sounds like a farmer! freya hasnt really got one yet although she has started saying 'wheres that to?' which is so,erset and used to really confuse me when i first moved here but now find my self saying all the time!

so its a bit of a random post really i was just wondering.



  • Only thing Lucas is saying remotely scottish at the moment is "aye" instead of "yes." I think it's dead cute so i'd never correct him lol!
  • Am in the same thinking boat as you are... me n hubby were not born n bought up here in UK... but lo has picked up a real good accent.. even our native language is being spoken in British accent and thats very very sweet and funny to my moms ears image
  • im from suffolk and my oh is from the west midlands but Sam definately talks with a stoke accent
  • my older 2 have/had a slight NE accent. i dont have a strong local accent (parents would tell us off if we spoke too we are considered 'posh' were we come from!! ha ha

    However, the younger 2 boys have an international accent. All the kids here have it. Its a bit like Queens English with American thrown in. Joseph has a bit of a NE accent too when he says certain things. Amelia is too young to tell but I would say she has the International one so far with a bit of me thrown in...she says YEAH rather than YES.

    d x
  • This is such a cool post! Lovely to read your stories.

    Well Samuel speaks a couple of words in Welsh but that doesn't really count as it's a different language! He has got quite a sing-songy voice which is quite distinctly Welsh I guess. Plus he sometimes says "Ta!" instead of "Nan-koo" (thank-you) which is again very Welsh.

    I'm similar to you Dee. I am Welsh but a lot of people think I'm English as I don't have much of an accent. Hubby has a lovely deep soothing Welsh accent though x
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