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Is anyone else's little darling lashing out and hitting at the moment? Samuel has been doing it a lot since around Christmas Day and I really hate it. I tell him off quite badly and most of the time he hits objects now (in frustration) rather than people. He has hit me a few times today however, such as when he didn't want his pooey nappy changed, or didn't want to leave his cousins' house. He has a bit of a cold virus and temperature at the mo so I know that's making everything worse.

On the plus side, they are farily small attention-seeking swipes rather than full on whacks that are intended to hurt, but even so, I'm gutted my adorable angel is being such a so and so!

I am reading the Dr Christopher Green book, Toddler Taming at the moment, which might give me a few ideas, but I haven't got as far as hitting yet!


  • hi hun, i think that most toddlers go through a bit of a hitting faze, freya certainly is!

    when ever she doesnt get her own way she will hit you. also if she gets told off she will go off and hit phoebe just for no reason other than to take her fustrations out.
    im just trying to not make too big a deal of it at the moment and hope that she will stop it soon, if she doesnt we will have to take action but hoprfully it wont last long. i always make her apologise and explain its not nice to hit, but i may have to start putting her on rthe naughty step for it.

  • Thanks Flickaty. Lara and Lemon Cupcake resonded to this in toddler too so it seems to be a common theme!

    I think your advice is sensible. I can see in Samuel's eyes that he's testing the boundaries a lot when he hits so hubby and I def need to decide on a consistent approach x x x
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