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Hi there

hope you are all having a great mothers day.

I have tonsilitis so feeling a bit sorry for myself!

OH, Chris and Joseph are at the F1 (its in Bahrain), Amelia is asleep on the sofa and Charlie is out at the park with my housemaid. I am in bed shivering but unable to sleep as my throat hurts too much...

I got NOTHING this morning :cry: not impressed.

Charlie brought home a lovely card from nursery which made me cry! Apparantly there is something coming that Lauren organised but still, after pushing 4 kids out my foo foo and having another cut out of me, you would think I was entitlted to something! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hope you are having a better day

d xxx


  • aww no poor you! tonsitus is a horrible thing to have!!!

    we have had quite a good day so far, i got a card that phoebe made at school and another card that they brought and phoebe wrote out and freya signed (graham guiding her hand to do it). Phoebe had a birthday party to go to this morning, then we went round to my parents and then grahams parents to give them their cards and gifts.

    Im now just wrapping freyas birthday presents before cooking dinner, although as its mother day i should be getting it made for me, but i would rather live, lol.

    hope you feel better sooon dee and that every one has had a lovely day. xx
  • Big hugs dee, how rubbish!!!! Hope youre better soon.

    Lucas chose my presents this year so I got a balloon and a teddy (which he has played with all day lol). He made me my card but I could hear the screams as daddy made him do it lol! Dont think it would have been Lucas' first choice! He is a boy after all!
  • i got a card made by sam and a pasta bracelet lol will have to put up picks as its very cute
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