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suddenly she is really grown up!

In the last month or so freya she just turned from a baby in to propper little girl.
Just this last month she has stopped bf, gone into a big bed, started refusing to drink from any thing except a 'big girl cup', and is now completely potty trained in the day! she talks so well now and can hold a real conversation. she just isnt a baby any more :cry:.

its lovely in a way that she is growing up and and doing new things but im just a little sad that i havent got a little baby to nurture any more.

how are all the other little ones doing. xxxx


  • wow..she is a big girl.

    Amelia uses the potty at home but I have not braved been out yet! chicken I know. Her wees are fine its poo's.
    Had a visitor from home last week so was busy but have a quiet week or 2 so will go for it guns blazing.

    They do grow up too quick. The other day Amelia was on my knee and I said ' I love my baby Amelia' she replied ' I big girl mammy' it made me laugh

    d x
  • haha bless her!
    where has the last 2 years gone!
    good luck with the potty training dee. im so impressed how easy freya has been to train we have not had any acidents in over a week now! we have even had a couple of dry nights.

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