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Its that time of year again...........................

What on earth are you buying for our little March 08 babes.

I am at a bit of a loss really. She plays with things she has but I cant think of anything she 'needs' that would just be buying for buyings sake.

She likes Rosies world in ELC and Peppa Pig house/palace. That is about it!!!!!

I am sure I will come up with lots of good ideas.

Argos is 3 for 2 at the moment.

d xxx


  • It comes round so blimming fast doesn't it?! We've got the ELC sizzle kitchen and some cooking bits for E, currently stashed in the garage. Struggling with number one son, want to get him a big trampoline for the garden but 1. it'd have to go up before the big day which spoils the surprise a lot lol and 2. the only place it could really go is where their play house currently is and I'm not sure where I could move that to!
    Decisions, decisions! Thanks for tip on Argos though, loads of kids to buy for and I like a bit of money saving!!
  • Lara, we got the Mamas and Papas pink spotty pram, highchair, bouncer, sling and changing bag for Eves last year. Was on offer in Asda @ ??30 for the lot which was a screaming bargain. If it's in again I'd def recommend it. Came ready boxed so nothing to pack either lol!

  • This year has to be the most quick year of my life i'm sure!! 20 days away from my due date how did that happen.

    I fell out with mil very badly on friday afternoon, so feeling really stressed atm and then walked into mother care and saw xmas stuff i just though omg!!!!! caused a bit more stress !!

    We were thinking about whether or not to get erin a proper bike, but she wouldn't be able to have anything else and as much as she loves bikes due to peppa pig and her older cousins etc, its not like she would be able to ride it, so after the intially surprise, she wouldn't have much to play iyswim? Maybe that would be best saved for 3rd (did i really just write 3rd !!) birthday. So was thinking about starting collecting a set for her like rosies world or happyland set, she hasn't really got anything like that. She has a fifi house she loves playing with so i think she would like it, plus then when your stuck for ideas for other people to buy her something i could suggest something from that set.

    x x
  • LOL seems your all as stuck as me!!!

    I love the kitchen but we have a Little Tikes one that the boys got as joint Xmas pressie one year.

    Mez, so sorry about the in laws. Did you get my reply to your BF question on toddler? What has mil done to upset you. Is your OH standing up for you? I really hope so. Poor you, its the last thing you need.
    I cannot beleive you are nearly there. Also that eeeekkkk our lo's are nearly 3! Once Xmas is out the way that will be the next topic of conversation.
    What about a trike? or a really small bike with stabilisers?
    We will prob look at that for her Birthday tho we are getting her a dolls house (prob the rosebud one from ELC for her birthday)
    She keeps asking for Barbies but she is wayyyy too young imo. She like Ben and Holly and pointed out there little house the other day. I just find that she gets these things but barely plays with them. She plays a lot with the kitchen so I might get some new toaster etc... she also loved the iron board and iron. She too loves prams and I love the ELC they have. They have silvercross ones like the 3D... very cute. I will keep eye out for that one you saw tho CB as I am going home for a few days in Nov ON MY OWN... I will bore you with this but I am sooooooo excited!!!!

    Ho ho ho

    d xxx
  • mez, sorry to hear about your fall out with in laws, some times family are more trouble than they are worth!!!
    i am getting freya a bike for xmas, i was going to get her mini micro scooter but i decided she would get more use out of that now so i have already brought her one and she absolutely loves it and can go so fast she can keep up with the big kids on the way to school, i would totaly recomend them if you are stuck for ideas.
    so yeah a bike and some puzzles games and clothes not really sure what else yet will have to think up an idea for her main pressie from father christmas. phoebe has a bike form us as her main pressie and roller blades from father christmas and some a couple of ds games so far not really sure what else she is getting either.
    ahhhh its comming round so quickly i feel like i need to get as much as i acn now! xxx
  • thanks for support everyone. Pauls mum is going through a lot atm, and basically on friday we went to a birthday party and parked outside there house, so i said to Paul we better pop in and say hi b4 we go home, big mistake!! After my post on toddler i put Erin in a nappy for the party as didn't want any accidents. And basically mil was not happy about this told me Erin would be taking a step back i snapped that i don't care. and it went from that to huge row, where paul ending up shouting at her and swearing at her (cringe although proud he stood up for me) to stop telling us how to bring up our child!! Thing is a lot came out in the argument that i'm having a lot of trouble dealing with, things like Erin runs rings round us, its our fault she is wetting because we don't tell her its wrong etc etc. Because Paul really went for her and because i hate confrontation and cannot bare the thought of her not liking me i know i am pathetic !! I apoligised over and over and bought her a bunch of flowers. And haven't heard anything since Friday, she is talking to Paul, and pauls dad told him she is still hurt and annoyed but i really do not see what more I can do to rectify what happenend. I do feel for her because she has so much on her plate right now, but i don't think she has a clue how much this has all affected me, i'm not sleeping, and keep crying about it - i realise this is all probably heightened by pregnancy!! but omg I don't think i have ever been in a family feud like it, in my side of fam we would have talked and talked by now and probably be laughing about arguing about nappies, but for her to still be ignoring me, is so upsetting and making me angry and losing the plot a bit !!

    Sorry for hijaking post dee dee, I did get your suggestions they were great just what i was looking for, I couldn't reply on there because in the argument paul brought up BE and how all the ladies agreed with us (and i thought noooooooo she gonna read all my mil moans) so gonna avoid writing my own posts for a while just in case, it wouldn't take a genious to work out who i am. (I will get my best mate from BIO 09 to put my BA on here)

    x x x
  • I know its so easy for me to give advice as I am not the one who has to deal with MIL>

    I personally think she is been out of order and really mean. To treat a heavily pregnant woman like this is a disgrace. She has no right to tell you how to bring Erin up and your OH has every right to tell her so.
    I know how emotions run away with us and I can only imagine how once he started shouting a lot of 'old' stuff will have come out. I have done it myself. I was arguing with my sister years ago (the once we have had a big row) and I could not beleive the stuff I came out with. How she pinched my easter egg and how she was nasty to me blah blah... silly really and luckily we laugh about it now.

    You have done all you can for now and I think you need to step back and concentrate on your family which is about to become a family of 4. Let her come to you?

    Please don't stress over it. You will make yourself ill. You have bigger things to worry about right now. When you get upset just lay on your side and imagine your baby inside moving around, imagine its face and imagine the moment you meet your baby. This should getr rid of thoughts of MIL.

    I really feel for you and hope things improve. She will come to you as after all you have the children so you do hold the trump card.
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