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Tax Credits,

All you second time Mummies. (or 3rd, 4th,haha)
Im just doing a bit of research as I didnt think my tax credits would go up just coz I was having another baby. Im on the basic ??547 a year on child tax and no working tax or childcare.
I put in on the calculator before all our details and it said left for the year to claim was ??396, which was right. But when I made up I had 2 children age 2 and 3 it said I got ??1345. Is thif right or you think I shouldnt get my hopes up?
I dont understand any of it!!!
Ps Passed my driving test, yay!!! x


  • Well done on passing your driving test! I didnt think you got any more for having more children but I will be able to get the baby element (which they are doing away with in april) which will double my entitlement!
  • i think you do get more tax credits depending how many children you have, not double the amount but more and more child benifit too. i deffinatly get more than when i just had phoebe. x
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