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new pics

hi every one havent posted any pics for a while so thought that i would put a couple of new ones one here for you all to see.

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  • Here you are flickaty-

    So cute plus she has a wee tan!

    Here is Lucas playing in his grans back garden-

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    Ellie refusing to smile properly & instead doing her cheesy grin!

    And telling me off!
  • OK, it's been a while and I am slightly technically inept but here goes.....

    The (slightly blurry) munchkins on 'World Cup' day at school, she had to match!!

    Troughing choc ice at Grandad's 60th birthday party!!
  • thanks nic i dont know why it wont work, stupid thing!

    all the lo's are gorgeous, march 2008 really did produce some beauties!

    hopefully here are a couple more pics i wanted to share.

    here are freya and phoebe being cheeky!

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  • and another one as BE will only let me upload one at a time.

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  • Oh wow! They all look so cute and grown up. I haven't uploaded any shots of Samuel for ages but I'll have a go now. Prob won't work! My friend is a wedding photographer and took these back in March. He's changed so much since then already! x
  • OK - can't work it out! Will try again later x
  • Yes - I've done it! These were taken in the park back in March so Samuel looks quite a bit older and more suntanned now!

    His eyelashes look so long in this one. Women would pay a fortune for eyelashes like this!

  • omg everyone's lo's look so grown up and soooo gorgeous, i'll try to add some later x x x
  • STUNNING children we produced! xo
  • they are all so cute. Amelia and Freya still look quite alike.
    Ellie is sooo cute. I have not seen a pic of her for ages Lauren.
    Jo, Sam is super cute too.
    They all are

    d xxxxxx
  • this is Amelia and Lauren at Alnwick castle.

  • this is Amelia on the same day dressing up as a princess..

  • aww bless amelia is soo sweet and she looks really grown up now. i love the princess outfit!! xx
  • Oh wow Dee - you have two very gorgeous girls there. Wonder if the stork will bring me a pink or blue baby next month?

    This probably sounds really strange but I can't imagine having a daughter at the moment. I do have a hunch this one is another boy but who knows?? Either would be lovely x x x
  • thanks Jo, I am very proud of them both (and the boys)

    I had Lauren first and when Chris was born I was like...errrr what do I do with this thing here??? lol

    You just get used to it really.

    Good Luck for your new arrival if we dont chat again till then

    d xxx
  • Thanks Dee! Counting down the hours in these last 3 1/2 weeks. Have groin pain at the mo as baby has dropped PLUS frggin awful insomnia has hit hard again! Just like it did with Samuel. I'm exhausted but if I get woken by the little man I just can't sleep. Oh mother bloody nature!
  • this should be an uptodate pic of erin but haven't done it for a while and forgot what to copy so fingers crossed.............

  • aww she is lovely! she looks really angelic sitting there. xx
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