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freya is scared of dora the explora!

Phoebe and freya were watching dora the explora in bed the other night and when i went in to check on them freya was sitting in bed looking terrified! she kept saying 'telly off please mummy' when i asked her why she said that the man was scaring her, i thought that she was scared of swiper the fox but it turns out she thought that dora was a scarey man! bless her.
its funny because she watched monsters vs aliens without worrying at all.


  • That's really funny. Oh bless her!

    It's funny how they misinterpret things at this age isn't it? Samuel was helping me load the washing machine and wanted to put the powder in earlier. I let him pour it in and he said "milk, milk". I realised it's because he thinks its formula milk! How funny - washing your clothes with milk. I hope he doesn't try to eat it!

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