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1 year old!

just wondering what ur l.o are up to at 1 year.jayden is walking and saying lots of words.He puts his hands up and says gone wen daddys at work in the day.he puts his head on ur and says awwwwwwww giving u loves and kisses too.i just cant believe how much progress they make in 1 year. They really r amazing little things.xx


  • hi

    happy belated birthday to jayden. It seems 5 mins ago that we had our babies and suddenly they are one!!!

    amelia not quite walking but she not far off at all. My other 4 all walked before or about their first birthdays. amelia was 5 weeks early so that seems to have made a huge impact on her milestones.
    she never shuts up and points to things when you say...where is???

    they are amazing!!!!

    d xx
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