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Happy Bday Nick

He is 1 today! and I took off 5 mins in the morning just to remmember all the trouble that we had to go through for his labour at this moment and finally he was born at 3:50pm today. But my dearest prince every sorrow, pain is forgotten when I see you smile and come to me with open arms for a big slurpy hug. Happy Bday sweetheart.. mom and dad

Ahhh let me get my as ss movin! loads of work to do... close friends arriving for an evening bday party and we having pizza tonite with my specially prepared blackforest cake (boo hooo why is it looking like a biscuit!!) probably will add some extra layer of fresh cream and moisten it up a bit more with strawberry jam.. hope am not inviting more trouble!

Tomorrow we have around 50 people coming over for the bday party and Thank You Lara I have stolen your idea of an open house party as the house is going to be too small for all our friends. Catering and a big fresh fruit cake ...all sorted out. Looking forward for all the fun and excitement image and meeting my best friends after such a long long time who are travelling long ways just to see bub for the first time and wish us on our new house.

And to all my cyber friends here on BE here is a virtual cake coming your way toooo... you have a choice of trying the black forest cake made by me or the Fresh Fruit one... will update you with more details soon



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