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Waking at 5.30am - can I do anything to make him sleep in?

Well the subject says it all really. Samuel used to wake at 7 - 7.30am. Then it was more like 6.30am. But he's switched to 5.30am in the last 2 weeks. I can't cope with this and being heavily pregnant, plus I'm worries about the sleep deprivation when the new baby arrives.

He has blackout blinds and lined curtains. He was having a very long sleep in the afternoon so I'm trying to cut that back to 1 - 2 hours, but sometimes he's just shattered and doesn't want to wake. Other days he refuses to have a daytime nap now.

He goes to bed at 7.30 - 8pm ish, but since going in a bed a couple of months ago, he often gets out and read books or plays a bit, so he doesn't necessarily fall asleep at that time.

He has switched from a sleeping bag to quilt recently, so maybe he's getting cold and that's waking him up.

Any advice gratefully received. Desperately hoping this is a 'summer' thing and he'll sleep in later when the days aren't so long.


  • Hi jo

    Long time no speak, am eagerly waiting for news if your new arrival and hope you coping with the last few weeks. Wish I knew the answer to sleep as dd2 never sleeps!! She has been sleeping till just before seven in the

    school hols as she is shattered trying to keep up with dd1!! Am hoping Pre school in September may help tire her out. The only thing that worked with dd1 was dropping the naps although this meant very grumpy tea times for a while. Hope the extra hours of darkness help when they arrive
  • Thanks again both. Yes I think this is another in between stage - he's not quite ready to go without a day nap but sleeping less at night because of snoozing in the day.

    Chloe - I put an extra blanket on him the night before last when we went to bed and he slept until 6.37am - result! I might try a proper single quilt soon I think.

    Sleepy - 19 days until I'm due now! So looking forward to not being pregnant now if I'm honest. I fninshed work this week which was good actually x
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