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Our own place!

I have FINALLY been offered and accepted a flat just up the road from my Mum!
2 bedrooms both good sized, kitchen brand new and decent sized living room. The only down point is its up 1 flight of stairs but it will be manageable. There is a front garden and only 1 other person using the door as the 2 downstairs flats have their own doors. Really excited and can't wait to get in and decorate! xox


  • Fantastic news! 1 flight isn't bad and is safer, plus no noisy peope above!!! Bet you are so chuffed- well thats 1 thing ticked off your new years list!
  • Yay that's great news! Really pleased for you both! Now you go mad with the nursery! :\) xx
  • yay thats fab news!!!bet you cant wait to get in there and get suck in!! in really pleased for you. xx
  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats wonderful news. Sooo happy for you. will give that little girl a room fit for a princess.I can see it already..winnie the pooh??? isnt that the theme you have. Enjoy shopping and settling in to your own home. Wish we could all come over and help out...

    d xxx
  • Thanks for all the replies girls!
    I am so excited. I get the keys on Monday and will be speaking to the builders tomorrow to see when they are going to start on the new kitchen in the meantime we're going to measure up for carpets and get the walls stripped and prepared. Can't wait!
    SO Many ideas on colour schemes and what Ellie's room will be like, it really will be a princess room. I've got winnie the pooh at the minute but have totally fallen in love with a bedding set in next so am asking for next vouchers for her bday!
    It would be fab if you could all come and muck in but as it is I have roped everyone else into doing something even if it is just watching ellie for an hour or so! xox
  • few bottles of wine and we would have the house stripped in no

    d xx
  • Yayy! am so happy for you. Finally you have got your own place after all that struggle. Enjoy your move with your lil princess!

  • thats fab news hope you enjoy having your own space bet it will be lovely to decorate Ellies room
  • Thats great news. When do you get to move in? Then we can have a cyper house warming for you, lol xx
  • I got the keys on monday and my friend and I were there for about 3 hours last night & have already totally stripped the paper off mine & ellie's room, the bathroom is almost stripped and we have made a start on the living room- the people who lived there previously had obviously stripped the paper off before they decorated so thankfully there was only 1 layer of paper & 1 layer of lining paper! xx
  • It is really very exciting to decorate your own place and I too had the same feeling when I was busy decorating my new place.

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