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MummiD, Gemma, Feb baby and all those gone AWOL

Where are you all?????

I not been on much as I think now our babies are heading to 1!!! YIKES!!!! it gets busier and busier. Those easy days of baby sleeping all day seem a blur!!!! Wish I could rewind and do it all again.

Hope you all OK... is pregnancy going. Del, how are wedding plans going. Amy and OH getting home for Xmas??

All others not on for a while...come on and catch up!!!



  • Well, yo have been popping in here and there while the 3 I mentioned are much worse offenders!!!!! lol!!!!
    I hope Henry is better soon. Poor mite. How are you coping with work/motherhood etc... I went back to work FT after having Lauren. Andrew worked abroad and I had to work FT, pick her up at 5.30, get home, dinner, bath, bed, and then the housework.... After Chris I went PT and even then I felt like I was juggling too many balls at the same time. Its never easy no matter how you do it. I would love to have a PT job but with my5 kids it just seems impossible. Hate not having MY money. Andrew is over generous and gives me total free hand but, its not MINE!
    Amelia is doing really well. Still not sleeping through the night and still having too many breast feeds and not enough food. she is just not fussed. She will have 5 or 6 spoonfuls then she turns her head away. Little monkey. She is very petite but she will get there.
    D xx
  • I plead guilty as charged...sorry ladies, its been a busy last couple of weeks down here so i do apologise for not keeping up to date with things on the baby front!! i promise to try and do better from now on image xxx
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