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Well can you believe it?? I got a BFP today. HURRAH!!!! I had a bit of a hunch as I've got slightly sore boobs and aching ovaries, but part of me figured it was the placebo effect and that I was imagining the symptoms. I thought it would be lovely to find out I'm preggers for Christmas and here we are!! I'll be 4 weeks tomorrow.

I'm so chuffed as it took 4 months to conceive early this year before the mc. It's happened in the 1st month of trying now and you can't ask for more than that can you.

Anyway, I'm just on a high tonight but I hope the paranoia and fear of another mc doesn't kick in in the next couple of months. I'm going to push for an early scan with my GP as I've had two mmcs and only one successful pg (the gorgeous Samuel).

Merry Christmas again guys!! image

x x x

P.S. Please don't say a word if you are a friend of mine on FB as we're not going public for a good while.


  • YEY congratulations hun,

    Me and Paul are officially trying now, we were gonna wait till January, but we started a bit earlier, I thought i'd be so relaxed about it but i'm already getting excited about testing etc. Erin wasn't planned so this is all new to me and i get the feeling i'm not gonna be patient lol !! Its so exciting. I'm so happy for you xxx

    image:\) image
  • YAY!!!! sooo pleased for you! what a lovely christmas present. hope that you have a H & H 9 months. xxxxxxxx
  • Oh that's fabulous festive news Jo, so happy for you! Big congrats and hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months.
  • Congratulations, really pleased for you and what a fab Christmas present! Everything crossed for a happy and healthy nine months!!!

    Lots of love Sleepy xx
  • Fantastic!!!! Glad to have someone join me!!! Hope its a sticky one sweetie!
  • just wanted to say congratulations to you and also lemon cupcake. Hope you both have smooth pregnancies.

    Maria x
  • Congratulations! Wishing you have a H&H 9 months xx
  • Yay Cool Xmas Present!! Im jealous! haha x
    Congratulations x
  • Yay! Huge congratulations!!!!

  • Awww thanks guys! Good luck TTC Blonde Family!

    You are still the only people to know about this so far. I've had intermittent backache which is really worrying me and after a really awful visit to register the pg at the docs, I spoke to a lovely MW today who will come and see me at 7+1 (11 days time) amd hopefully get me in for an early scan. I do'nt know whether I'm imaginging bad symptoms but I need a bit more TLC after only one out of three pgs working out for me. At least we've got Samuel anyway who is keeping me on my toes! In fact, he might be giving me the backache!!

    J x x x

    My EDD is 2 Sept btw.
  • yay!!! so pleased for you. Read that you had a scan and that all good so far! Have everything crossed for you and will look forward to updates.

    d xx
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