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Lucas did a pee in the potty!!!

Pitty the lid was down!!! lol!!!! Praised him none the less. Not like he knew the difference. Just happy he knew where to go. He runs about saying "pee" now if he has done one which is good. Anyone elses wee ones taking any steps forward? I would love him to be out of nappies before this baby is here!


  • well done lucas! he wasnt to know that the lid was down! deffinatly a step in the right direction!

    we have had one wee in the potty so far and one sneaky wee behind the curtain! she wont wee on the floor but is also very reluctant to use the potty, she just holds it until you put her nappy back on! xx
  • I know, they are growing up way too quick!!! I don't think Lucas knows in enough time yet to start anything just now. Just happy for him to experiment on the potty and praising him for noticing when hes peeing and for telling me hes done one, even if it is in his nappy or the floor! My HV kept telling me how wee boys don't get the feeling of needing a pee or poo til they are 2 but thats a load of rubbish! Lucas has been aware for a while now. Like you Lara I'm not looking forward to the actual training part- especially night time! How the heck do you do that? lol!
  • Ha, ha.... oh no Lara! Sounds like our house in the morning when I take Samuel's nappy off. I run around after him with a potty in my hand.

    LC - we're making no progress in our house so I'm totally fogetting about PT for the time being. After Samuel showed some promising signs early on (months ago in fact) he has absolutely no interest whatsoever in his potty. Plus instead of telling me he's done a poo now (which he used to do) I smell it and ask him if he's done a poo and he invariably says no - simply because he's having too much fun playing to be changed! Oh the little monkey.

    I'm starting to think I'll be leaving Samuel until quite late. It'll be done quicker the later I leave it I reckon anyway.

  • Well done Lucas! you are nearly getting there. Nick does come and tell me that he has wee'd at so and so place.. likes to flush once me or hubby finish weeing to show him where to wee.. its all a bit confusing at the moment as to how to go about it now. Health visitor asked us not to start PT at this time and and carry it on after the new baby is born coz Nick's training will be forgotten soon when the new baby arrives and his old habits will relapse (becoz of this particular insecure feeling in him) so am sort of not pushing him much into it... though making him aware where to wee and praising him when he points out to the question where should he wee.... so far he/ we are happy in his nappy image

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