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Breast feeding and swine flu jab


I have been lurking for some time but not actually posted (feel quite rude as some of your posts have helped show my little one is catching up despite her prematurity image ) . My little one is 20 months and still has one breast feed in the morning. I have been invited for my swine flu job as I have asthma, I know going for the jab has to be my decision but has anyone found any info on the jab and breast feeding. I am keen to continue with this feed for another couple of months as she was two and a half months prem and picks up bugs and infections very easily and I am sure being able to feed her helped her get over her recent bout of tonsillitis quicker than she perhaps would have done.

Any info gratefully appreciated




  • hiya,
    i was thinking the same thing, freya is nearly 20 months and still bf buti have been offered the swine flu jab as i am a carer and therefore work with vunerable people and hate the idea of passing it to them was i to catch it. i havent found any info but i think that i will see if i can find any. so im not really much help but i would love to hear if any one else knows any thing. xx
  • congratulations for bfing so long its great to hear. your lo will be affected by it if it works the same as other medicines/jabs and i know many people have been poorly after so may be worth stocking up on calpol. the only major thing i would be careful of is if your lo has an alergy to egg if they do you can get the egg free version but you have to ask for it
  • Hey well done on the bf-ing guys. I can't wait to bf again with our next one. Just have to get pg with a healthy baby firstt!!

    I don't have a medical background but I'd be inclined to think that your LOs would be ok as the jab is second-hand and your only bf-ing once a day.

    I took ADs when Samuel was 8 months old and I was worried it would affect him but he seemed to be exactly the same. On the otherhand, I was never really happy with my decision to take medication and bf him at the same time so I cut down to 2 bfs a day and one formula then stopped two months later when I went back to work.

    A girl in my office who is pg had the jab the other day and she couldn't raise her arm very high the nex day as it was so painful. She also felt very hot and a bit under the weather.

    Sorry I can't be of more help. I'm a bit wary of new drugs and medicines until they've been thoroghly tested on other people so I can understand your reservations.

    J x
  • Thanks for your replies ladies. Its just so confusing. I would like to keep thos feed up for the health benefits but don't want it to have any affect on DD, however keep thinking if came down with it and affected my asthma I wouldn't be much use to DDs and like Flickaty would feel guilty if passed it to them. We have a new switched on Health visitor who is going to look in to it for me and hopefully get back to me on Monday.

    I am making the most of the breastfeeding as lo is our last and it was such hard work to get it going while she was in SCBU. Saying that lurking and reading your posts has helped me stay sane during many sleepless nights over last 18 months or so:lol:
  • Well my Health Visitor had great difficulty finding any info. She eventually spoke to the Department of Health and apparantely there is so little info because its perfectly safe and will pass on extra immunity to lo.,..... How can they categorically say that due to limited testing... I did speak to my GP friend whom is having it soon, her aneathatist husband and pregnant peadiatric doctor sister in law have had the jab this week. Just one of those that you can't seem to do right for doing wrong.


    Sleepy x
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