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Hello ladies, can you believe that our babies are 9 months old?? Where does time go to?
Alex is generally doing well. She seems to be hitting all the milestones she should be, so I am very pleased. She's made no attempts to start walking yet but can zip round the floor fast enough. She prefers being lady muck and have people bring things to her, rather than she getting them herself. Must take after her dad in that respect! Her weight is spot on for her age, tho her height has leveled out, which I am not too surprised about as both myself and OH are hardly tall.

Second pregnancy is going well now. Had a few worrying moments in the beginning, but touch wood everything seems to have settled down. I am classed as high risk because of Alex having IUGR and reduced amnio fluids. BP is stable for now which I am relieved about. I am now 20 weeks and find out what I'm having on January 9th. Would like a boy so I could have one of each, but I am happy enough if bump turns out to be a girl. Still can't believe that I am having them so close together, but I am more than confident I'll adapt. I have no choice! All being well, and the baby arriving on time, there should be just over 14 months between them.

I'm off to South America (again) to have this baby. Long story but OH is over there at the moment indefinitely so it looks like if I dont go over there, then I he wont get to see this baby being born - something which I can't deny him. I am petrified about what the trip entails, but I have faith in OH to check everything out. I'm sure he wouldn't let anything bad happen to me or our baby. I am going at the end of January and should be about 26 weeks.

Well I am just about caught up, really. I hope that everyone is doing well, and that your babies continue to thrive. Sometimes I look at Alex and still have to pinch myself that I'm a mum!

Merry Christmas, and for those who don't celebrate, Happy Holidays, may 2009 be healthy, happy and prosperous.

Gemma, Alex and Bump x


  • wow, you better get pinching gem because you will be a mum x2 soon! We are going to start trying after christmas as we also want babies close together but you are brave! lol its nice thought because they will grow up together.

    Jay has just turnt 9 months and he crawls so fast! he pulls himself up to stand and now thinks he can do it one handed, which doesn't always work! He has his first little bump on his head from falling down!
    Good luck with baby number 2, glad to hear alex is doing well. Cant wait to read about your next scan and what colour bump is!
    Have good xmas
    charlie x
  • hey....lovey to hear from you. Glad pregnancy going well.

    Hope life settles down for you soon and you can be together where you want to be.

    Keep in touch when you can and look forwardto some happy news soon about the birth..
  • Wow that has gone fast! You must be due around the same time as i was with my first 4 yrs ago! (crikey - 4 years lol!) I found out her sex at my 20 week scan on around the 6 Jan. She was born 21st May 2 days late.

    Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well & keep us posted on your scan! Also pleased to hear Alex is doing well.

    Looking forward to hearing from you with your happy news.

    Claire & Olivia xxx
  • Glad all is going well with the pregnancy and little Alex. I'm sure you'll get great treatment out in SA. Let us know the sex! Jo x
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