3rd jabs?

Hey everyone!

Has anyone had to do their lo's 3rd jabs yet? How were they?

Bella just had hers this aft, silly me didn't realise they had 3injections, she has only had two at once at the others)! She was really bad after her 2nd jabs so i'm dreading the next few days. So far she hasn't been too bad (touch wood). She had a full 8oz bottle about an hour and a half after them and has slept since then, she is all cuddled up in her favourite blanket! I hope she will be ok through the night as she has slept so much this afternoon, haven't got the heart to wake her though. Will probably give her some calpol before bed just incase her legs are sore.

Just wondering if anyone has had them yet and how their babies reacted?

Lucy and Bella


  • Lucas' are next tuesday and not looking forward to it! His temp always goes so high and after the first set he had a febrile convulsion which wasn't nice! Hoping he'll be better now hes a bit bigger.
  • My lo had her 3rd lot today and the nurse made a real mess of it! her leg is swollen and red where the injections went in! Is this normal?
  • My lo also had his on Tuesday and the nurse did the last one so quickly (as he screams so much) that it's been red and swollen. Much better today but he has had a few doses of calpol and there is stilll a lump bless him.
  • Lucas was great! He only whimpered with the second injection! Didn't even cry! Was a little sore that afternoon and gave him calpol but was fine after that! No high temp like the last two times. I think the difference this time was that it was only boosters and he didn't get anything new. No more til 13 months! Yeehaa!
  • Ellie's are on Tuesday coming & i'm not loking forward to it because it's horrible! She hasn't been too bad & i've managed to get her calmed & smiling pretty quickly after them but with there being 3 injections thistime who knows!
    Roll on tuesday then no more for 8 months way hey!

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