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At long long last..............


Amelia is in her BED

I cannot beleive how easy it all was in the end.

We started in the UK when OH was over. I slept in a different room as she is in with us in the UK as not enough rooms. OH just shushed her when she woke up. The next morning she asked for milk and got really upset. We had bought a nice cup with a straw so we gave some nice milk in that. She loved it. The next night I slept at my sisters and stayed away till she was dressed and had breakfast. Since that she has slept through every night, had NO milk and we put her cot into a bed yesterday. I worried all night but she went into bed and looked at a book for a while. I went in about 10 mins later and she was sat up reading and said 'get out mummy I a big girl'...

I feel soooo much better now I am not a milk machine nor getting up 3 times a night.

Hope everyone else OK and our March lovelies are doing well.

d xxx


  • Brilliant! Dunno how you've got up every night for the last 2 1/2 years! I'm knackered and I've only been doing it for 6 weeks lol! Our babies certainly arent babies anymore!
  • Bless her heart! Well done you on being so dedicated and i'm glad it wasn't too stressful in the end. I too don't know how you've coped without a full night's sleep in 2 1/2 years! The things we do for love hey! xxx
  • bless her, well done for stopping, freya started sleeping alot better too when i stopped feeding her. it is hard to stop when they are older and know about it as they can make you feel guilty!!! freya still some times asks if she can drink my boobies which i think is very funny! xx
  • Well done Amelia sounds like she has adjusted really well. and well done you for bf'ing for this long
    x x x
  • Yay! Well done big girl Amelia. Enjoy the sleep Dee, you sooooooooooooooooo deserve it!!!
  • Well done Amelia. As you know have been a march Lurker for yonks and you so deserve a good nights sleep dee dee. We still do not have any consistency but dd is loads better since starting Pre school. Well done and a peaceful nights sleep to all!!

    Lots of love sleepy xx
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