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Milk now? bottles/cup?

Now our little ones are 1 (or soon to be) I was wandering how much milk you give them? And do you still go on with bottles or should we be moving to cups for their milk? I will definately keep the bottle at bedtime for comfort etc, but was wandering what we should be doing next...


  • Hi,

    Today was our first bottle/formula free day and it went fine. Although, I'm still bfing twice a day! Decided not to sterilize any longer too. Will now think about stopping bfing when I can. It's just so convenient just now. So Lucas now gets 2 bfs and 1 cup of cows milk everyday (still 7oz mind you, he loves milk).
  • Olivia loves her milk too - she's still on 3 x 7oz bottles a day.

    I was thinking about this yesterday too. Am going to change the lunchtime milk to a beaker asap but we're in the process of giving up the dummy just now & i don't want to push her over the edge!!! lol! Also stopped sterilising now - cleaned up the steriliser yesterday to pack away sob sob!

    Well done all you girls still breastfeeding! Good on you! x
  • freya is still bf, but when i do eventualy stop i will just put her onto a cup, she has juice in the day in a cup and is fine with it. i would like to keep the bed time bf going until she is about 2 and then she can jsut have a cup of milk at bed time like phoebe does. xx
  • I have weaned Nick of breast milk, however I give him 2 x 5-6oz bottles of formula milk in the night. Morning 3 x 5-6oz bottles of cows milk. We noticed that he was very constipated with only cows milk. By giving a mixture of both milk, he is getting smoother bowel movements.

    Just wondering whick beakers are you using? I have the tommee tippee bottle which I did like to stop using slowly. I have bought 4 beakers costing 3-4 pounds each but none liked by him to drink his milk in. He still prefers the tommee tippee bottle image.

  • I was going to ask this too its very confusing. Hv said to start weaning off now and have her off them by 16months. I cant imagine her ever not having her night feed!!
    Shes till has 6oz in bed with us in morning while we have a brew, then 5oz in afternoon and 9oz at night. Ive tried to stop the afternoon one but she cries for it still so is not ready yet, but it looks silly when Im out and about and have to feed her milk!!! (she still wont hold the bottle herself!!)
    Am i to replace all 3 bottles with cows milk when shes one (obviously over time) or just keep her on normal cow and gate??? So cunfusing!!
  • The only cup Aimee will drink from is the tommee tippe non spill cup that looks like a boob?? (the teat not the whole thing!!)
    She bites it and the water sqirts into her mouth. She will drink a full cup using that and holds!! Got it from tesco x
  • Sam still has milk from a bottle in the morning and at night. he gave me a proper look when i tried to give him milk from a beaker and refused to take it. he will quite happily drink water/juice from his tommee tippee free flow beaker during the day though
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