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HA HA............

sorry, could not resist.

Yes, Amelia Mae is one today...hurray hurray...(god I am at it again)

I cant beleive one year has passed.

We have the baby group I do every thursday so we are going to take a cake there for her little mates. The boys are off for half term so we will stay on at the club and let them swim and eat there. Back home for 3 for Lauren and Chris to come home as they are not off. We will do her cake and then a few people are calling round. Back to club for boys football. We will by then knackered so home for bath and bed. Tomorrow we are going to the beach for the day with group of mates. Should be fun.

so far she has
shaper sorter, dolls, pram for doll, book, keys, and half of Next!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d xxxx


  • A very very Happy Bday to Amelia... am so excited for you Dee image Have a great time!

  • Happy 1st Birthday Amelia, have fun celebrating!

    Hope your not to emotional Dee, enjoy!x
  • Happy first birthday Amelia hope that you have a lovely day!!! xx
    My goodness it really has come around fast!
    Hope you all have a lovely day image xxx

    PS Dee has she got any hair yet lol xo
  • Happy 1st Birthday Amelia! Hope you've had a lovely day - sorry i've not posted sooner, only just got in from work!

    Claire & Olivia xxx
  • Yay!

    Happy birthday Amelia!!!!
    Have fun at the beach tomorrow! xxx
  • Happy Birthday!!!! :d Have loads of fun. Oh its later where you are so Amelia is probably all pooped out after her big day! Hope it was nice!
  • Hsppy Belated Birthday Amelia! I hope you had a great time. I'm sorry I never seem to find the time to log on these days but it really makes me smile when I think back to this time last year Dee. The worries over your birth and my never-ending labour a couple of weeks later! I'll never forget how over the moon I felt texting you and others from my hospital bed.

    Anyway, Amelia is a very lucky lady to have such a fab Mum. Will chat again soon..... I hope!

    J x
  • Thanks so much. Yes Jo . you were amongst the first text receivers... such a shock to have my little girl! I sent all sorts of nonsense texts...was hi on pethidine!
    d xxx
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