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The other night I put the 3 kids to bed as usual. Andrew had ordered a take away and we had a movie to watch. We opened a few bottles of becks and sat down for a tv dinner.

About half an hour in I went to the loo so we paused the movie. As I approached the stairs I heard Amelia SCREAMING..

I ran upstairs to discover she had been sick everywhere . I have no idea how long she had been crying as I did not switch on the monitor :\( OH told me I was babying her having the monitor on...

Ofcourse he got a mouthful when I came down with a sick Amelia. She was sick all night and had the runs for 2 days ...

Lesson learnt....monitor on!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;\)


  • oh no, dont feel bad though it could have happened to any one. i have never used a moniyer for either of mine but my house i so small that you can pretty much hear them no matter what.

    hope that she is ok now. xx
  • Oh bless you both! I know this is a really old post, but poignant for me as my hubby never wants to turn the monitor on in the eve any more and I think we wouldn't necessarily hear Samuel from downstairs either! Poor both of you x
  • Oh no... a very similar situation happened to us as well, although erin was younger and i just didnt realise the monitor had been knocked off the charger and ran out of battery, tbh we did hear her (as our house was tiny) but i wonder how long it had been since she was sick. I know exactly how that guilt feels. We still use our monitor as well, prob cos of this happening

    x x x
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