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Just reading your post about your Mum's annuversary.
I am in tears, you have really moved me.

I am very close to my Mum & although we have our ups & downs I love her to death & appreciate everything she does for me. You have made me realise that sometimes though I do take her & the others around me for granted, thank you for making me realise this.

I hope that you are as well as can be at this time, I can't begin to imagine how difficult it is for you.
Take care,
Lauren xxx

PS I am sure your Mum would be very proud of the achievements you have made in the last 9 years & the 3 beautiful children you have gone on to have. You are a fantastic Mum yourself & always there for us your cyber chums! ;\)


  • hey there lauren. Where have you been hiding...

    Great to hear from you!

    Thanks for the FAO..makes me feel

    I feel much better now and am back to myself. Just such a sad time and I cant think of Xmas or anything beyond the 18th Nov until it has gone!

    I was a bit cheesy with my post when I read it back. I did mean it but people cant live every day like its their last and its normal to fall out with the ones we love now and then. Thats life.

    Anyway, fill me in with how you are doing, how Ellie is etc..

    d xxx
  • Hello hello hello!

    Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this I never feel as though I have a minute any more!!

    Glad your feeling better now mrs & hope your looking forward to coming to UK on Monday image
    Pity you couldn't get a wee trip to NI lol.

    Now working FT have been for about 2 months but it's far too difficult with Ellie etc, I look awful because I never seem to get any sleep, always tired & my flat feels like a permanent mess so returning to PT in January but on the look out for something 3 days a week as opposed to 5 half days,

    Ellie is just an absolute wee darling, everywhere we go people comment on how gorgeous she is & i'm all yeah i know image but she is!!
    She is a torture though, still won't sleep in her own room, still in my bed, still doesn't eat but on the positives...she has been using the potty for pees of her own accord, her speech is coming along leaps & bounds, she is very clever (IMO!) & really keeps me going sometimes with her wee cheesy grins!

    Her Dad now sees her 1 day a week, every sunday for a few hours. It's his choice he's been offered her more often but he doesn't seem to be bothered! He also takes her 1 saturday a month so I get out, it's great.

    Looking forward to xmas this year, realised I have some great friends & a good family so have plenty to be thankful for!

    Lauren xxxx
  • hi there

    sounds like you doing really well. Part time would give you more time to Ellie and to your self.

    Glad you looking forward to a nice family xmas. I am sure you will have a smashing time

    keep coming in now and then to let us know how you are

    d xx
  • Sorry to crash but just wanted to say it sounds like you're doing an absolutely fab job Lauren. I have so much admiration for you. You've done so well with Ellie without your ex. She sounds adorable.

    I still get stressed about housework even though deep down I know it doesn't matter at all. I actually like going in messy houses TBH. I feel much more at home than an immaculate place. Being one of four, with a father who didn't know which end of a hoover to use, my parents house was always a bit untidy and full of stuff and I think it gives a place character image

    I'm part-time (3 days a week) and it is a really nice balance. Hope your sort work out! As for me, Samuel is an absolute star these days. Such a funny, confident little character.

    x ..... ooh formerly Jo1976!
  • ditto what Jo says.
    You have had your ups and downs but one thing that came out of this is your love and commitment to Ellie.

    You are a superb mum! Better than I was when I had lauren so young and yet i had Andrew there too. I totally resented the fact I lost my 20's to having babies.

    Huge pat on the back to you!

    Hope you sort out work. I went to 2 and a half days when Lauren was about 18 months as fulltime was too much.
    d xx

    d xx
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