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Hi all

I finally have full interent tho it is somewhat intermittent at the mo as they are still testing it for up to 10 days. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I wrote a lovely long reply to you Lara and the internet cut off just as I was sending.

~Therefore i thought I would write one to you all and hopefully it will not cut off.

Lara, sounds like Chloe is doing so well. its funny how they all develop so differently. I always said to you that some kids just take it all in and then one day they start using all the knowledge they have stored up. I would not be too suprised if Chloe does read. lauren went to a montessori nursery when she was little and they used flash cards and easy reading books from about 2. It is just recognition at this age but its an important part of learning to read.

Jo, you must be getting excited for the arrival of number 2! The early rising is a pain isnt it. You could try books in his room that he can read when he wakes? If Amelia wakes too early we keep putting her back to bed with no talking or eye contact. It takes a few mornings but she got the message. Also, check his bedtime. maybe you could delay it half an hour. It will take a few morning before it will make a difference but it might get you to 6am or later. Also, its going to be darker for longer on a morning soon so fingers crossed that might help.

Everyone else, I hope you are all fine and well. I am finding the hols really hard work. Kids are been good really but having 3 little ones to entertain each and every day is hard work and expensive. Andrew arrives a week today so hopefully I will get a bit of me time.... yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d xxx


  • Glad you're connected again Dee! You must be shattered copying on your own. My SIL looks after their three children on her own most of the time as my brother works away loads. It's so tough when there's nobody to help you with bedtime and difficult moments.

    Thanks for the sleeping tips. He's good at reading in bed in the eve but just wants to go straight downstairs once he's up in the morning. Will try these things though as I would prefer the 5.30 start not to be a permanent arrangement!

    I am excited about the new arrival, but also a bit fed up being preggers at the mo. Had a really nasty stomach bug earlier this week, My immune system seems to be so run down at the mo as I'm not getting enough rest. Tiredness eh - probably the toughest part of being a Mum! Still - I've finished work now - hurrah!

    I'm also a bit nervous about how I'll cope as I remember how tough I found it when Samuel was young. I'm sure it will be easier and less worrying this time around and Samuel will keep me smiling. Plus we can call on family for help, so I'm luckier than many others.

    On the plus side, I'm dead excited about the birth! Planning a homebirth at the mo. It really was the best day of my life bar non when Samuel was born. Everything I could have dreamed of and more. Can't wait for that rush of euphoria again image

    Hope you stay sane until Andrew arrivesimage

  • I remember getting your text after Samuel was born and you did sound on top of the world. It is a lovely feeling to bring life into the world.
    I would have loved a home birth. I think it will be amazing. Look forward to hearing all about it.

    Lauren is around most the time so she helps at bedtime etc...

    Your first is always the biggest shock to your system. By now you are ready and set up for a baby. You can cope with little sleep, little rest etc. you will have days when it will be hard to on the whole you will find a new baby just slots in with the life you have already.

    d x
  • Thanks Dee. Yes feeling a bit happier and less nervous this week. Hormones play havoc with your mood don't they! The other bit of good news ia that Samuel slept unil 6.20am this morning - wey hey!!

    I hope you don't think I'm being too much of a wuss for being nervous about 2 when you have an impressive brood of 5!

    Re the birth - it's so funny that in the short 2 years since Samuel was born I have forgotten the pain. I promised myself I wouldn't forget just how painful it was, as everyone says you do, but there we go, I can't really remember it already! Been doing relaxation / birthing CDs and breathing exercise so I hope the au naturel approach might help me though the last couple of cm dilating when I panicked like buggery last time!

    J x
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