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Happy Birthday freya!!!

hi all,
just wanted to wish my little princess a happy second birthday!!! i cant belive she is 2 already seems like only yesterday she was born.

She has opened her presents from us this morning and is absolutely thrilled with her baby maddie and upsy daisy outfit. we are having a party later on after phoebe is back from school.

Happy birthady to all of the other march babies. xx


  • Happy birthday!!!
  • happy birthday Freya.

    Amelia has baby Maddie. She loves it. The only thing is that she chewed the bottle and dummy so they now dont activate the babies sucking etc.. youcan get spare ones from ELC so I might look into that.

    Hope she hd a lovely party
    d x
  • happy birthday Freya. we went for the roby doll. my oh thought it would make it better if sam had a boy doll and blue pram lol. hope freya has a fab day
  • thanks every one, she had a lovely day, lots of presents and lots of fun!

    thanks dee i might get spares i did think that they looked like they would end up getting chewed!

    ricehristy, its cool that you got sam a doll alot of people would get a boy a doll but why not? i would if i had a boy although i do think like you i would go for a boy doll and a blue pram. xx
  • Belated happy bday Freya.

  • Thanks Flickaty. Happy Birthday Freya!
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