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Sept is here....

Hi all

not been on much of late as sooo busy with kids, house, hols etc.

We have loved been here for the summer but sadly it has gone too fast. We leave on the 8th Sept...

We went to Thomas Land on bank holiday monday. it was great. The kids loved it. The older 2 came too as Drayton Manor is a good theme park. Charlie is Thomas mad and he was in heaven. I enjoyed it more than I thought too. I hate Queuing but it wasnt that bad really.

Chris got his exam results and aced them all. I was bawling my eyes out as I am so proud of him. He has overcome so many obstacles and still come out smiling. He is now enrolled to start College on the 13th Sept. He needed 5 GCSE's and he got 10!!! One of the A's that he got was just marks off an A* . When we go back to Bahrain he will stay here with my brother David. It will be hard saying goodbye but I know its what he wants and that he will be well cared for.

I cannot believe my mind is thinking already to Xmas. I am taking a few sneaky pressies home with me and I plan to come back for a week at the end of Nov for some serious shopping ON MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!! So long as Andrew can be off work then I plan to fly for a long weekend to get the Xmas shopping done..yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that I have been busy ripping out bathrooms and getting the house sorted before I go. It is so nice to have a house of our own again. I am planning a lot more work for next summer!! hee hee!!! I also would love to put a garden room on and convert the garage to a play room cum other bedroom! Just need to win the lottery!!!!!!!! ha ha

Hope you are all well

d xxx


  • Sounds fab Dee. I fancy Thomas land one day. We're going to try Legoland too at some stage as that's a bit easier to get to for us.

    I'm delighted September is here for obvious reasons! Baby no 2 is officially 1 day late at the moment and I'm sadly counting the hours! I don't think he/she will make an appearance until next week TBH. Still, I'm glad to have made it to Sept as I fancied a Sept baby.

    Been eating lots of curry and pineapple juice and took Samuel swimming with friends this morn, which is like an Olympic event as he just loves the water and darts about the place. But no, nothing seems to be doing the trick.

    At least the house is spotless and ready to go now. The birthing pool is semi-inflated in the spare bedroom, waiting to be carried downstairs, and the candles and relaxtion CDs and DVDs are all on standby in the living room. Here's hoping it all helps me cope with the pain a bit better this time!

    Take care everyone. Will post our news soon (hopefully) x
  • WOW.. I thought you were due in Oct. That has come round so fast (prob not for you tho)
    I am so excited for you.
    I am sure you will get the home birth you so want and I hope it all goes swimmingly (pardon the pun)

    d xxx
  • well done to chris he has done brilliantly, you must be so proud!
    glad that you have had a good summer over here, ours has been good but phoebe is glad to be back at school and freya is looking forward to starting pre school tommorrow!!! i cant belive it she really isnt a baby any more.

    jo, that has come round so quick!! i would be glad that baby hung on to sept too as it maens you yet a whole year more with them befor they start school, i always feel for the little ones born in august as they are so young when they start.
    really hope taht you get the birth you want. xxx
  • Well done Chris! You must be very proud. Glad your first summer in your new home went well - hope you're okay after having to say goodbye to Chris and Lauren. Christmas will be here before you know it and you can see them again but i can't imagine what you are going through. The 6 weeks went so quickly in the end - looks like you got lots fitted in! xxx

    Jo - all the best for the birth! Looking forward to reading your happy news xxx
  • Thanks girls!

    Sorry I'm g/c Dee's here. Hope you don't mind Dee! My latest update is that I'm now 41 weeks exactly and due to have my first sweep today. It did the trick with Samuel as he was born 2 days later. Have a 2nd sweep booked on Fri if this one doesn't work. Will hopefully have some news soon!

  • oooohh I keep stalking Due Sept for any updates. I really hope it did/does the trick . I am excited to hear your news

    d xxx
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