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ot i found out...

...that i'm an aunt. it should be something to celebrate but i just cried when i found out as my brother doesn't speak to me. so although i know i have a niece its unlikely i will ever get to know her or be in her life in any way. i know i have my own little family now but every so often something like this reminds me of how much i have lost. i know im just feeling a bit sorry for myself


  • I'm so sorry that that you're a new aunt under these circumstances. Hope you get to meet her sometime and that you feel a bit better soon. I love being an auntie and can't imagine not being able to see my neice. Big hugs xxx
  • awww hugs hun it must be hard, i hope that one day you are able to meet her. xx
  • Congrats RC but I'm so sorry too! Do you tihnk there will ever be a reconciliation between you and your brother? Maybe parenthood will change him and help him move on from the past a bit.

    J x
  • i dont know its unlikely we will ever reconcile. i havn't spoken to him for 15 years along with most of the rest of my family. basically i reported my mothers boyfriend to the police as i witnessed him commmiting a crime. and the family took the view that i should never have done it as nothing should go outside the family. it caused a massive rift between me and my mum and it all got very nasty (i was 10) and i ended up walking out and living else where. to this day my brother blames me for causing everything. oh and my mum married the bloke as well just to add salt to the wound
  • Oh man that's an awful story! So sad. You were only 10! How could she treat you like that. You poor thing.

    Your brother is probably very angry because of having a turbulent childhood and he's wrongly levelling that anger at you. If only he could see it.

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