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Early March babies that just would not wait.....

2nd Jan Loumc delivers a GIRL Olivia 3lbs
7th Jan Minimummaria delivers a GIRL Elise 2lb 6oz 11 weeks early
18th Jan Hells delivers a BOY Mason 3lbs 2oz
12th Feb Awylie delivers a GIRL Alexandra Rose 7lb 14oz
18th Feb Stefy delivers a GIRL Grace 7lb 12oz
24th Feb Lynnie delivers a GIRL Lexi 4lb 12oz
26th Feb Dee Dee (me) delivers a GIRL Amelia Mae 5lb 7oz 5 weeks early
26th Feb Downsey delivers a BOY James Harrison 7lb 5oz
26th Feb Ricechristy delivers a BOY Samuel Oliver 10lb 4oz

March 2008 Babies and some late Feb babies

1st Mar Sarah28UK delivers a BOY Thomas 5lb 15oz
2nd Mar Hollyplly delivers a BOY Toby 9lb
2nd Mar Lottie delivers BOY yet to be named 6lb 6oz
4th Mar Bev delivers GIRL lauren 7lb 3 oz
4th Mar Clairep1 delivers GIRL Olivia Mae 7lbs 4oz
5th Mar Gemsie 23 delivers GIRL Alex 5lb 8oz
Zoe 31 delivers a GIRL Evie Grace 8lbs half ounce
6th Mar Rachel-Sarah delivers BOY Daniel 8lb
6th Mar Febbaby delivers a march baby!!!!! A GIRL Ruby Louise 8lb 11oz (ouch!!!!)
7th Mar cristina9944 delivers GIRL Charlotte Louise 9lb 3oz
8th Mar Smiler1 delivers a GIRL Faye 6lb 14oz
9th Mar Vicki deliversBOY harvey Joshua 9lb 2 oz
10th Mar Jen and Ant delivers a BOY Oscar Thomas 9lb 12
11th Mar Lucy82 delivers a GIRL Bella Elizabeth 8lb 2oz
11th Mar Del delivers baby GIRL Mia weight???
11th Mar Gelfing delivers a BOY Oscar 9lb 2 oz (ouch again!)
11th Mar jack the lads mummy delivers a BOY jack ryan 8lb 14 and half ounce
11th Mar Speedle delivers a BOY Ethan 7lb 6oz
12th Mar Jo delivers a BOY Samuel 7lb 20z
13th Mar Summerlove delivers a GIRL Freya 6lbs 8oz
13th Mar Nickster94 delivers a GIRL Megan Rhianna 6lb 8.5 oz
13th Mar Phiphi delivers a BOY Charlie 6lb 130z
13th Mar Rachelt73 delivers BOY Lucas Michael
14th Mar Suzanne3 delivers BOY Thomas 8lb 3oz
14th Mar LS0902 delivers GIRL Paige 7lb 4 oz
14th Mar A Moss delivers a BOY Ryan John 7lb 1oz
15th Mar Pandpiglet delivers BOY Nathan Daniel 8lbs
15th Mar Sticky86 delivers a BOY Jayden 7lb 12oz
18th Mar Lara delivers GIRL Chloe Louise 6lbs 6oz
18th Mar Lindsayh delivers BOY 10lb 4oz Henry
18th Mar Piph1 deliversGIRL Isabelle rose 8lb 2oz
20th Mar bubblynbubble delivers a BOY Nick 6lb 7oz
21st Mar Nicospoon delivers a BOY Lucas 8lb 15oz
21st Mar Dogstar finally gets her BOY Alexander Micheal james 9lb 12 oz
22nd Mar Hanny 30 delivers GIRL megan grace 8lb 70z
22nd Mar Nikki84 delivers a BOY Luke 8lb 12oz
24th Mar Tigerfeet delivers a GIRL Pheobe Violet 9lb
24th Mar gems008 delivers a BOY Luke 10lb 1oz
25th Mar Tallulah73 delivers a GIRL jessica 7lb 3
25th Mar Magic Monica delivers a BOY Thomas 6lb 1oz
27th Mar Bex2 delivers a GIRL Mirella Faith
30th Mar MissLauri86 delivers a GIRL Ellie 6lb 8oz

Late March babies.......

1st April Fairymary delivers a GIRL Isabelle Mary 8lb 7
13th April PNEBairn Delivers a very late little girl!!! Poppy (worth the wait tho) 7lb 13oz


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  • I was in the april mums to be, but popped in march to read too....
    I had my son Thomas on 25th march at 9.53am, weighing 6Lbs 1oz

    i'll be joining the march mums forum too while popping over to april mums too.

    thanks.. can you update when you next do it. Hope everyone ok.. and babies are doing well x

    caz xx
  • i was due 9th april but baby wanted to come 3 weeks early, baby luke was born on 22nd march at 11:43pm. 8 pounds 12oz

  • Hi

    Please can you add me? My little girl, Bella Elizabeth was born on 11th March at 8:11 weighing in at 8lb 5oz!


  • please add names as i just updated this but think quite a few missing
    d xxx
  • toby should have been a feb baby but was born 2ndmarch 9lb
  • Luke was born on 24th March at 11.10pm weighing 10lbs 1oz
  • Hello
    My little boy Ryan John was born on 14th March (12 days early) weighing 7lb 1oz. Please add him to the list...Thank you.
  • Can you please add me to the list next time you do an update!

    I gave birth to my little baby boy Nick on 20 th March - he weighed 6lb 7 oz.

  • 24 boys to 22 girls so far.....

    Ricechristys same the largest at 10lb 4 oz. Minimummarie's baby Elise the smallest and earliest I think. So great that she doing so well now! Amazing really!
    Am sure they are more to add. I tried to do the BOY in blue and girl in pink but it just did not work>>>ah well!!!!

    d xx
  • A late March baby born 13th April Girl Poppy weighing in at 7lb 13 oz

  • Faye born 8th March 6lb 14oz. Thank you x
  • Hi Dee,

    Little Ellie was born on her due date the 30th March weighing in at 6lb 8oz xx
  • jayden was born on the 15th march (1day early) and weighed 7lb12oz
  • Dee Dee you got me wrong lol I was due 24th and she was born x x x x
  • Thank you Dee Dee xxx
  • thank you Dee Dee xx
  • just thought would bump this up....since claire asked!

    d xx
  • Thanks Dee! Very interesting to read through - does anyone know how any of the early babies are doing? I notice that Tuppence is due next month. Am i right in thinking she sadly lost twins who were due in March? x
  • really strange reang this & seeing everyone. quite a few still on here but most have gone image hope they are all doing really well though xx
  • i know. thats why i bumped i up as not all will fill out claires ne thread and there are so many names i had forgotte. Never found out if LouMc baby was ok as last we heard she was in SCBU. Hope so..... also Hells was in bad way after having her baby and not heard anythingfor ages. Hope no news is good news.

    Seems like ages ago doesnt it????????????
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