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My consultant appointment!

Had my consultant appointment today to find out how this baby will be entering the world. It has been decided that I will try for a vbac, if labour starts naturally but failing that I will get a section on 28th July! Couldn't be happier! I was basically allowed to pick the date which is fab! Not many people get to pick their child's birthday! So excited now...only 5 weeks and 2 days til baby is here!!!


  • wow so exciting!!! that will fly by, its pretty cool being able to pick when your baby will be born and so much more relaxed to know when it will be. xx
  • That's exactly how i opted for Olivia and it was wonderful. We were allowed to film too so can watch it over and over again which was great given that Abigail's was such an emergency that we both missed it! All the best and look forward to seeing your updates on FB xxx
  • How exciting, not long to go now. We got to choose Evie's date too and it made organising everything sooooo much easier. Hope you get the delivery you want, will be looking out for updates.
  • Yay good luck hun.
    Hope your last weeks go well xx
  • Thats not long at all. I loved your bump pics on FB.. you look really well.

    Looking forward to hearing what colour yellow bump is..

    d xxx
  • Oh how exciting! I will share birthdays with your new baby as im 28th July! I will look out for your BA hope all goes well Xx

    aka LittleMissLexi, name change for new chapter on BE.

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  • Cool! How early or late will you be on 28th July? That's very exciting.

    I've got 9 weeks to go although I was late last time.

    I've been putting a lot of thought to the birth this time as I found it so frigging painful last time, that I figure there must be a better way! I'm considering a homebirth at the mo which was something that never appealed in the past. Homebirths tend to be quicker than hospital births and I had a v.long labour last time. Looking into hypnobirthing and I'm borrowing my friend's birthing pool if I go ahead with it. I must be mad (ha, ha)...
  • Sounds good! They'll be nothing natural about how I have this baby- whether i end up with a section or vbac! I'll be 4 days over on the 28th!
  • can't believe how quickly it seems to have come around that you & Jo are having your 2nd babies! hope all goes well with you hon xx
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