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Hard day at the office

just thought id share this...its hard work being a baby


  • Ha, ha, ha.... love it! Is that a babychino in his beaker?? Samuel loves our laptop too. He completely bashes the keys to death if I let him!

    I think when our Samuel grows up, he'd like to be
    a) a secretary with his speed typing
    b) a cleaner - as he loves the hoover or
    c) a taxi driver as he is obsessed with cars.

    So much for our hopes of him being a brain surgeon or nuclear physicist! Tee hee.

    J x
  • awww soo cute! freya love our computer too really looks like she knows what she is doing, bless. xx
  • i like babychino think that should be a proper drink lol. we have a childrens centre nearby and they left their office door open. Sam went in and started using one the computers. he even knows how to use the mouse which is scary.
    i think Sam may become a zoo keeper as he loves animals. could be a writer as well as we have a bigger library the our local one lol
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