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What would you do please?

Evening ladies,

Hope you and LO's are so well - i can't believe some of them have started preschool now. Our babies are growing up too fast!!

Well the time is finally approaching for us to start TTC! I'm so excited and broody and can't believe that i've managed to hold off with all these pregnancy and birth annoncements! We're now into the period of the year where i would ideally like to conceive for a 'summer' baby. The problem is we having a wedding in Cyprus to attend at the end of May next year so i can't be too far along to fly. With Thomas Cook you can fly up to 28 weeks without a doctor's note and for that the earliest we could try would be end Nov/Dec which would give me a due date of end of August. That would be fine but obviously i may not conceive first month of trying (although we did with both girls) and as much as a September baby would be fine, i'd be a little bit disappointed if it ended up October or further on in the year (just because of the fact i've been charting since January in prepartion and have my heart set on a 'summer' baby LOL!)

Anyway, you can actually fly with Thomas Cook up to 34 weeks pregnant provided that you get a doctor's certificate stating that you are fit to fly. If i moved my TTC date forward a month it would mean that i would def need a doctor's certificate to fly but would give me an extra month to fit in a summer due date. Both of my previous pregnancies have been problem free but do you think i would be stupid to assume that a third would be also? Obviously they were both C Sections but the problems didn't arise until delivery and they were both full term.

So i guess my question is......... would you ere on the side of caution and wait so i was no further than 28 weeks when i fly but risk not conceiving in the first month of trying or would you take a bit of gamble and move it a month sooner?

Has anyone else flown around 30 weeks pregnant?

Thank you for taking the time to read. xxx


  • How exciting Claire!

    I would say go for it sooner rather than later. We went on hols this year when I was 25 weeks and came back at 27 weeks and it was a lovely time to go away.

    Now I must admit, we had a terrible time resettling Samuel when we came home so I had a few weeks of terrible sleep and ended up feeling truly yuck. Got bronchitus and was off work for 2 weeks. My last trimester has been a bit up and down but no serious concerns at all. I'm still low risk and planning a homebirth.

    I think good pre-conceptual health, eating well, staying stress-free and resting as much as you can does help when it comes to trouble-free pregnancies. Also, my lowest bits of late pregnancy were 29 - 32 weeks, and felt pretty good again by 34 weeks.

    Not sure if some of this is contradictory, but I would still def say go for it if your last 2 pregs have been straightfoward. I've known 2 pg people fly back to Australis and NZ to have their babies at 32 weeks or more, and that's long haul.

    Also, can you check your health insurance policy now? Maybe consider taking out an annual policy now if it gives you a full refund if you're past 28 weeks and need to cancel.

  • all great advice from Jo.
    I think just go for it too. I know ladies here who travel at 36 weeks to go back and have their babies at home.
    Def take out insurance tho as if you did go into labour abroad etc you would want a good insurance to pay for it all.

    Good luck with the ermmmm baby making..

    d xxx
  • Ooooooo no idea on timings (numbers are so not my thing lol) but how exciting for you!!
    Lots of luck with number 3 lol!
  • Thank you all for your comments. Had a word with DH and we've decided to just go for it so will be starting in my first cycle after our hols which we go on in a months time. Hopefully will give me a chance to get a few more lbs of before then! Thanks again ladies xxx
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