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Tommee Tippee bottles...

Aimee has been on these since birth, but is now 9 months and showing no signs of wanting to hold her bottle herself. Plus Tommee Tippee is soo big dont think she will be able to anyway. I think next time round I will buy a different brand. Was just wondering if it is worth changing the bottles? She only has one in the morning, maybe a mid afternoon and a night anyway.
But i saw some cheap winnie the poo ones in my local chemist today. Does anyone know if you can buy these cheap ones or are the teats bad for teeth or anything? Just thinking they are a lot thinner, and I have seen a few people with them.
Also, how long is everyone nursing bab the last feed in the dark with bottle of milk before bed? I love this but surely she will grow out of it soon, she looks so big lying down taking milk!!! x


  • Jay also has them bottles and funnily enough he just started holding it himself today! Jay has thee bottle of milk a day, two of them have 7 ounces in and then his bedtime bottle has 8 and he also takes it the same way, lying down in the dark on my bed lol. He will finish it then take his dummy and go sleep, then i move him after 5 minutes to his cot.
    charlie x
  • Mia wont hold her bottle either....unless its to play with! lol
    I dont give her a bottle before bed as such, she has her last lot of milk around 6 o clock while she is awake downstairs and then any time between 6.30 and 7pm she is taken up to her cot. Always awake but she settles herself into sleep within 10minutes usually.

    She also has the tommee bottles. My friend bought cheap ones from asda with handles and they do seem really good but im just going to stick with tommee ones for now.
  • Evie has Avent bottles which are less bulky than the TT ones but she won't hold them herself for feeding, just playing! I love still giving her her bedtime bottle but she won't lie down for it so kinda sits up against me just chilling then rolls and snuggles into me when she's finished and is ready for bed.
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