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We're getting really near the top!

Do you think they will eventually close BIM08? I really hope not!!! We are getting really near the top now and as our babies aren't really babies anymore maybe this section isn't for us anymore!!! It seems to be all the inactive ones that close so do you think that if we keep posting we will stay open?


  • i hope they dont close us, would really miss it if they did. i know our babies arnt really babies any more but it so nice to talk to you guys whos little ones are the same age.

    hopefully if we keep it active then they wont close us! xx
  • I'm, the same as Lara. I know i'm not on here that often but I love coming on & catching up. Fingers crossed we don't get closed!! xxxx
  • Oh no..never thought of that. We are a well used forum so hopefully they will keep us open. lets make sure we post often to ensure it!

    d x
  • I think I'll need to stop lurking so much and post more!
  • I've had the same concern too LC! I really hope they don't close us.

    I don't want to sound too gushy and soppy, but I absolutely love our little forum. Everyone on here without exception is just fab to get along with. I'm sure we've all come across a couple of bunny boilers on BE along the way (!!) and I'm so pleased that everyone in Mar 08 is just totally lovely.

    I love it coz we're a really diverse bunch but we all seem to get on so well.

    I guess we could still chat in Toddler but it wouldn't be the same for me x
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