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what is going on?

since this site changed there have been a few new topics in BIMarch08 but i cant see them!! am i the only one, i can see them from the main index but when you click on the forum they are not there?? same in toddler which is typical as the only ones i use. other forums seem fine. what is happening?

so just posting this to see if it stays or it just vanishes likethe others.

hope every one is ok if they can see this. xx


  • Hiya,

    Not had this problem but have you tried clicking on the topic from the index page rather than the forum? Might work.....

    We're good, kids are super excited about Christmas and go into fits whenever they see the big FC (or Father Kiss kiss as E calls him!!) We were in the supermarket the other day and all the staff were dressed as FC or elves~it was the most exciting trip to Tesco ever!!! I'm hoping the snow goes away soon, can live with the fresh white stuff but hate the ice and slush plus it's bloody FREEEEEEEEZING!!


  • today it is fine!! yay!!! was starting to get annoyed with it! i could look at the posts with the RSS button thing at the top of the page but couldnt see any posts after 16th december. but its all fine now. xx
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