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Party plans and ideas???

HI, following on from Lara's post I thought I would post one to see what everyones has planned for our little ones parties.

I have not booked Amelia's as yet but I plan to do it on her birthday (Sat 26th Feb) and go to a place called L'artelier lounge. You pay per head for each child and they can paint a door plaque, play play~doh, pencil in, do some games etc.. We will then walk around the corner to pizza hut for pizza and birthday cake. I plan to make her a fairy castle birthday cake...eeeekkkkkkk. It is Laurens 20th birthday just 2 days before but sadly we won't see her.She is going home to our house for the weekend so my sisters and brother and her own brother Chris will make sure she has a good time. She has abou ??100 of Republic vouchers from Xmas to spend and she is going to book her 1st driving lesson too as that is our present to her.

Will feel strange having one turn 3 and one turn 20 within days of each other.

What have you all got planned for our big pre#schoolers??? Amelia also has her assessment for nursery school at the school the boys go to. It is in Feb so fingers crossed she passes that!!!! Stress...............


  • I KNOW! Don't you all remember when Amelia was 1 Lauren had just turned 18? I had a 18 sponge cake made. The 8 was chocolate and we cut that on Laurens day. The 1 was pink and had butterflies on and we kept that for Amelias 1st birthday! How many mums can do that??? lol

    Amelia was early so really she should have been the end of March/beg of April! Little minx did not want to wait!

    d xxx
  • all sounds fab!!

    im with lara and not doing a party might just have her best friends round for some cake and then take her out somewhere nice was thinking of monkey world as it would totaly suit her!

    it is cool having the girls birthday so close. my friend has her 2 just a couple of days appart although only 2 years but its fab as they always have joint parties. Some thing that im sure they will hate as they grow up. xxx
  • Amelia was due on the 30th March. She came just under 6 weeks early on the 26th Feb.. she has been in a rush ever since.

    Lauren was early too but only by 3 days. She was due the 27th Feb.

    Chris was early by 3 weeks. Joseph was bang on his due date and Charlie was 3 days overdue. OMG those 3 days were the longest of my life!!!!!!

    You both have lovely plans. They dont have many friends at this age really. They tend to be kids of your friends or family.

    I am not inviting her nursery as I dont know most of them. She will prob have about 15 kids there but only 3 will be 'her'friends. The rest will be siblings etc..

    I like having a birthday in Feb/March as its a depressing time of year and this cheers everyone up!

    d x
  • Can't believe our little munchkin's are going to be 3 - wozers!

    Once again my apologies for not being on BE so much these days - been working all hours as won a new contract at work so it's all go. Can't complain though must be thankful.

    Everyone's plans sound like fun. We are having a party for Miss Lexi on Sat 26th (Lexi's birthday is 24th Feb). We have a hall booked and a face painter and balloon maker to entertain around 20 of her little friends. we are really lucky there are a group of us from the antanatal classes who are all similar and became great friends and do lots of activities at the weekends with the kinds (and dad's).

    We are getting Lexi a bike - the Me to You 12" one will post a link it's lovely and are asking family to get her clothes as she is growing away - still a skinny milinky long legs (a girls dream eh)!.

    Anyway I will be on more often - promise!

    Oh we're on month 2 of ttc again, was a bit gutted we never got our NY BFP but would have been extremley lucky to happen first time again for us. Will give us something to do on these long winter nights image

    Take care and chat soon

    L x
  • Much excitingness~E announces to everyone that will listen that it's her birthday on 5th March and she'll be 5, nutter! It's got her some shocked looks but she's adamant that she's nearly 5 not 3!! We're going to book a party on her birthday at a local play area that's great for littlies and bigger ones, means we can invite a few of J's friends to keep him occupied!! They do yummy homecooked party food too which is always a winner. No way am I doing it at home, cream carpets and 3 year olds are not a good combination lol! I would usually be lazy and buy a cake but saw some gorgeous cake moulds in Lakeland the other day and I make a pretty good cake so think I'm gonna give that a go this year. Icing it might be another matter though!!

    Can't wait!!

  • After reading all the replies on how wonderfully you all are going to celebrate our 3 year older's b'days, am worried. Am still thinking on how am I going to celebrate my 1 year old Tia's bday on the 3rd of feb. Should really start the preparation for both Nik and Tia's parties. Gosh so much of work to be done! humf


  • We are going to book a church hall round the corner from my mum and dad, we only decided yesterday we were going to do this, its only a small hall but it means we can invite a few more people as our house is tiny, garden is ok sign but weather is a bit dodgy in March,

    Mez x x
  • OHHHH flippin poo poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The place I was doing Amelias party in has called to say they think 3 is too young for a party. Think they must have had a bad experience with a party of 3 yr olds. Bahhhhhhhhh

    Back to the drawing board me thinks!!!!

    d xx
  • oh poo that annoying!!!!

    im sure they will still have a great time what ever they do. xx
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