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Baby Number 2 Update.....

Well only 19 days til baby is due. ARGH!!

Saw the midwife on Tue and she said I was 3/5 engaged but baby is back to back. Aimee was back to back right up until delivery when she turned which made the process a whole lot longer so im worried about this happening again.

Ive been out and bought a birthing ball which midwife told me to lean forward on. Did anyone use one last time? Do you know if i can bounce on it or whether to just lean forward for now?

Ive started on raspberry leaf now up to 2 a day. I didnt do either of these last time and was 3 days over so just seeing if anything different will help!

I tried all the whole curry, pineapple, sex last time and dont believe in any of it so not bothering, haha.

Hoping its earlier rather than later really. Im soo tired, I can never sleep at night, and Aimee is driving me crazy!! Once baby arrives hubby will have his paternity and my mum is then off so i know ill have help for a while, at the moment im on my own 5 days a week.

Anyway, hope your all well. Any tips much appreciated. xx


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