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Due March 2009 (MFM)

I have just joined the site and thought I would see if anyone else is due in March.

I am due with my first on 19th March 2009 and would love to chat to other people around the same dates.


  • Hi Celine,

    Welcome to pp, I'm Lucy,27, mum to Ben, 2 and sproglet is due on 9th March.. There are some other Mums who have been chatting in babys due Feb 09 too if you want to join in, although things have been a bit quiet lately on there!

    How's your pregnancy going?? Have had a bad day today as work was very warm and kept having hot flushes, plus bump is beginning to seriously get in the way.

    Look forward to chatting soon xx

  • Hi Lucy. I'm 24, this is our first. Pregnancy gone ok so far - few hiccups but all ok. Had M.E as a teenager but been much better last few years. Been so tired recently, starting to really feel it now!

    What do you do for a job? Hope you had a better day today.

    Is your little boy excited?

     I am v nervous about giving birth - especially as I feel v tired now and we are moving house in a couple of weeks!

  • i'm a GP trainee and working in hospital at the moment, have had a very busy day today and am constantly fighting with medical staffing at the moment so seriously thinking of bringing my maternity leave forwards..

    had to work nights last week which was awful and have now found out I could have gotten out of it image 

    not surprised you're feeling tired now - baby is in fully fledged growing stage! even though this is our second, i still can't believe my tummy can get much bigger and i've got just under 8 weeks still!!

    are you working at the moment? whereabouts do you live? we moved when ben was 3 weeks old which wasn't the best plan! much better to do it beforehand, just make sure you don't have to lift anything!! we're down in sussex.

    i'm beginning to think more about the birth now.. didn't have too many problems with ben, although can't say it was the best experience ever! i was very surprised at how well i felt in between my contractions - i thought i'd be shattered and in pain the whole time - instead just every 5 or so minutes for 18 hours!! but by the time you're in labour you're so excited about getting to finally meet your baby that all of it doesn't matter so much anymore, i'm sure you will be fine. are you planning on a hospital birth?

  • I am not working - I am a self employed photographer but not got anything on now so time off - I do some photography and also sort of a house wife / help out with partners business - what ever is needed at the time really!

    I can't imagine working nights, I would be like a zombie - I am very keen on my sleep - I'm going to get a shock I know!

     Yes I am planning on a hospital birth, the idea of being at home or in a midwife unit would worry me - I would like to know there are doctors, nurses, midwifes, surgeons everyone just around the corner to put my mind at rest! Mind you you never know what will happen! My partners brothers children came in less than an hour! (One can only hope! I think I'll end up being a something silly like 24 hours!). I'm worried about stamina during labour, I get tired easily but I am hoping if I can rest during conractions it will help. What pain relief did you have / are you planning? I am hoping for a water birth. I have started using some natalhypnotherapy CD's - have you ever tried them? Who knows if they will work but anything is worth a try.

     When does your maternity leave start? Hope you have had a better day.

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