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Christmas!!!! :)

Hi March mummies!!

Long time no post from me!! Its a bit of a struggle to find a bit of time to myself with a 21 month old and a 3 month old as you can imagine! Love having two girls more than anything though just cant wait for Ava to grow a bit so they can play together as Millie really tries to get her to interact and seems a bit upset when she doesnt drink the brew shes made her or hold the book she's trying to show her! Bless her.

Im soo excited for Christmas day this year as last year they were all still that little bit too little to understand but I cant wait to see Millie's reaction to her pressies Christmas morning. image

Has anyone taken their little ones to see Santa? Ive tried twice and both times Millie acted like he was a mass murderer and gripped onto me for dear life! lol...poor treasure being traumatised by the fat guy in a red suit, and he gave her chocolate too which I thought would be a sweetener but no chance was she going anywhere near either of them! I know its suppose to be common but all the other toddlers seemed to love it!



  • my husband was santa at a primary school and hollie had no clue it was him! hehe. we've seen a few santas.

    cant wait for tomorrow as she is so much more aware of christmas this year. going to be fab.

    happy christmas lovely ladies and toddlers xxx
  • I took my two to see Santa, Matthew had a whale of a time (hes 7)but Isla also acted like he was the boogeyman and screamed the place down lol. Christmas was so much fun this year, M was beside himself with excitement and Islas reaction to her toys was fab, she loves her kitchen and made us a cup of tea as soon as she set eyes on it.

    Next year I think will be chaotic! We will have an 8 yr old, 2 and a half yr old ( well 2yrs 9month old lol) and a 3 and a half month old, plus either be just moved into our new house or still be building. Let the madness commence :lol:

    Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas xx
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