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User name change


Happy Christmas to you all!

For some really strange reason my user name has changed. I am littlep but the system now calls me petuniat!! Just can't work it out!

Has this happened to anyone else? X


  • have a look in baby and toddler. the whole of Baby expert has changed and there has been alot of uproar about it as they changed some poeples usernames to their full real names!

    you can try and change it back but try using a capital L
  • they changed mine to my old yyw username from over nearly 3years ago, haven't even been on yyw since then...they also changed my password, but didn't tell me what to, and it wasn't to what it was on yyw, cos that had been the same as BE, only managed to log in via the 'forgotten password' thing...apparantly as they've now decided that all BE members are now signed up to a whole host of other sites, and vice versa, some have had to have names changed due to duplicate usernames...u can try changing urs back if no one else has it sleepybeccie says, it's annoyed a lot of people, some had their usernames changed to their email addresses!! x
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