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how is every one? and turning two!

hi ladies, thought i'd say hello...this forum is awfully quiet of late, hope everyone is well....thougght it'd be nice to have a little updates of everyone as out lo's are soon turning two! how are u allfeeling about turning 24months? any prezzy ideas? i worte a whole list of things for austin, but now i've lost it, so need to get my thinking cap back on, but so far i've got him a couple of little things, a thomas tank engine book, a peppa pig grandad dog's pick up truck and a mr potato head lol, struggling to think of a 'main' present though, and pref not oen that takes up oodles of space lol....anyhoo hope all is well with everyone xxx


  • Hi we are all ok thanks Lexie is at pre school now and loving it and looks so grown up in her uniform,Leah throws the most awful tantrums esp when we are dropping Lexie off or picking her up rolls on the floor kicking and screaming lol i am looking for a nursery for her at the moment as she needs it she is a madam but so funny too.

    We have got Leah a roll out floor keyboard that they walk over to do a tune and a drum kit i know must be mad lol i might get her something else if i see something nice cant help myself lol

    i am dreading her turning 2 where has my baby gone?i also thought i would be expecting number 3 by now but its taking a while as oh is working away and only home at weekends so usually miss ov but i have also got a cbfm and its showing every 3 months i dont ov and then the last 2 months i havent had ov either oh well it will happen when the time is right im sure.

    How are you? how are you finding having two?
  • Hiya, Isla is doing great shes so clever and cheeky and funny! Shes comming along so well and never stops chattering .Isla doesn't turn 2 until March 22nd so 1month today image We aren't bothering with a party this year we are going to take the kids away for the day somewhere fun and then just do cake etc at my mums. In terms of presents we are going to get her a big girl bed and new doll and pram.

    I'm 13wks tomorrow and still being sick and feeling so tired, hopw it passes soon!!
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