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Hi Ladies

Hi everyone, how are you all?was wondering if anyone still came on here? how are all the toddlers?looking forward to xmas? Leah is still in the terrible twos lol im hoping she comes out of them soon at the same time shes so funny and cute and the spoilt younger child lol i have had an eventful year i had the ectopic in march we waited the 6 months we were supposed to and despite only one tube it got to the womb and was a bfp had numerous scans but had m/c at 8+5 an incomplete mc so had to keep going back im still losing but almost gone now so hoping it all to be finished by sun xmas day i want to get over this enjoy xmas with the girls and then if we decide to try again maybe try sometime in the new year. So its been a very difficult year and sad im really hoping next year is better anyway Merry xmas and happy new year to you all! image


  • i just came on here too to see if anyone still visits so hi!

    i too have been trying for number 2 for 18 months and have had two mc's - hoping we've done it this month but will have to wait and see......

    samuel is now 33 months and a right old handful. hes very chatty and great fun and a real character but he can get a bit carried away from time to time. sometimes there is a him shaped dent in the naughty step!!!!

    must be mad for wanting another so soon!
  • Hi Speccles how are you?sorry for very late reply did you get your bfp? aww sounds like samuel is doing well image we are now ttc again fingers crossed if i do get bfp all goes well not sure i could go through losing another but feeling positive next time will be it,take care xx
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